The daring adventure

by Zarina E., Age 10 , Grade 4, Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA USA

The Daring Adventure
(Based on Minecraft)
By Zarina Eull
Aaaaaah.  I just woke up and the sun is shining.  Cutting wood on a tree.  Fourteen wood blocks in all.  Hmm, if I can get 1 emerald for twenty one wheat. I can get 1 emerald for eighteen potatoes.  Now I got to heat up my yummy cow, tasty sheep, and juicy pig.  Does the blacksmith have anything in his chest today?  Oh, yes he does!  He has two iron swords, one iron pickaxe, four saplings, and three gold ingots.  That's a lot!  Let's kill another cow to get some leather, and—oh;it’s almost nighttime.  Let’s just collect thirty six potatoes and 26 wheat just for extra.  I’m getting in this house now!  Can I trade with you?  Aw, why do you have to be so harsh on me?  I have to pay four emeralds?  No way!  Just for an enchanted iron shovel.  Wow.  Well, it figures that some villagers can teleport when they get hit. Which is weird.  I found the farmer there so I traded my potatoes and wheat for something….  you can never believe it.  Never!  Three emeralds ! Three!  Three!  The sun was up again, and a skeleton, a zombie, and a creeper were teaming up.  I’m not gonna be a scaredy cat so I'm going out with the villagers.  AAAAAAAAAH!  Creeper, creeper, creeper!  How do I survive? How do I—BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!  Ow!  That hurt! Oh my gosh, only half a heart left.  Well, I still don’t know what to do with those lovely emeralds.

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