A Race Around the World

by Zeke, Age 10 , Grade 4, Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA USA

A Race Around the World
By Zeke
     I hopped in my car, the Rimac Concept One and went to see what the race of the year was. I arrived early but I had to wait a long time to get a paper, but soon, I got one! So I grabbed a paper and read it. After I read it, my Brother Beven and my friend Bella called me and I answered. 
      “Hi?” I said
       “Oh, Hi,” they said, What is the best race of the year?
       “ It’s racing around the world, wanna try it?” I said.
       “OK.” Both of them said.
      Soon, we were on the track. We had racers with different types of cars and one even had the Ariel Atom! Well, let's just slow down to the racing part. Bella had a Pagani Zonda. Beven had a Mclaren P1, and there was also a Dodge Viper Acr! So I looked up and saw the lights. Go! I pressed the gas pedal and woodshed away! Soon, I was in the lead! No other cars got past me. Suddenly, I figured out I was getting low on gas, so I went to a place called Chevron and bought a lot of fuel.
      There were a lot of cars there, but I bet there was not any other cars were in front of me, or was there? So a few people passed me, but you don’t know who. Soon I saw a Dodge SRT Demon up ahead! So I zoomed passed it, not knowing who was inside. Soon I saw Beven and Bella up ahead and I accelerated fast enough to zoom straight past them! I laughed so hard I nearly crashed into the cool Pagani Zonda! I swerved away and said on the loudspeaker, Hi!
     “Zeke, you nearly scared us to death!” Beven said.
      “Yeah Zeke! We were just driving and you just popped out of nowhere.” Bella said.
      “Oh, sorry,”I said. 
      So we moved on until we were in Arizona. (The first state we were in was California) Well, when we were in Arizona, it was not good for me. I had to crank up the AC so much… it nearly broke. Well, lucky we stopped at a city, but it was not big and the motels/hotels were all full so we just filled up on gas and did not eat anything for the rest of the day. 
       Well, the night was not good. There was a man in this Hellcat, and we just passed him. Well, we met him on this bridge and you know what he did when we said, “Hello” on the speaker? He tried to crash us off the bridge! But we swirled away just in time so he could run straight off of the bridge. 
     “Man, that was close!” I said. As I zoomed away, I saw some other cars such as a Ford gt, and when we saw it, we zoomed away! It was Saturday morning, in 2017. So, I was the fastest car on the road at this race, but I did not like it because someone was messing up with my seat. 
      Going into New Mexico was not a good idea. There were people on the road and one of us nearly crashed into a person. Soon, we passed all of the riot going around but still I did not feel good. 
      “Zeke, you feeling good?” Bella said. 
      “A little hungry, but I can’t lose this race.” I said to her.
      Then I saw the lights, GO! I zoomed too the front, no one can pass me, I was in the lead! But, I figured out that I was low on gas and did not fill up on gas before the race, so I had to go to a place called Chevron and filled my gas to the to the top! Soon I was on the road and all tired because I had to wake up so early. I nearly crashed into this Dodge Viper Acr but I swerved away and passed the slow car.
      Soon, I saw a Pagani Zonda and a Mclaren P1 so I accelerated so fast, I passed both of them and nearly banged into Bella’s car. 
     “ Zeke!” Bella said. What are you doing?
      “Hi” I said through the loudspeaker, whatcha doing?
      “ We are racing! Beven said, And zoomed away! 
      I pressed the gas pedal and zoomed after him, passing him and zoom away! They could not catch me, I bet I was in the lead of this race! I zoomed away and  they could not pass me! 
      “Where are you guys?” I asked.
      “Oh, we are in Arizona still.” They said. 
      “I’m a mile to New Mexico.” I said, Race you there.
       I whooshed passed the sign that said: New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantment. Now they could not catch me, I was in the lead! You may wonder what I was doing, but what I was doing was racing! 
      Going to New Mexico was a bad idea because there was a lot of people on the roads trying to stop our cars because they wanted to check it out. I just stopped and everyone cleared away from my car and Beven and Bella’s too. After that bad part, we had to zoom away and into the security exam.
      Not all of you know what a security exam is, but when you are going to florida on a road trip so, you see, you have to have a security check to see if you have any weapons in you car. It took a little bit of time ( about a minute) and we zipped away and in seconds it was out of sight. Soon we went to a sign that said: Texas, the lone star state. Very soon though, we driving so fast, we nearly got a ticket, but the police let us go because the sight of his first supercars he ever saw. 
       “Well, that was a close speed ticket, but it’s good that we ran away from it.” I said.
      Well, we just went on with what we were doing because it was so good driving through Texas because it was warm and we had a lot of energy, so we could drive for more than eight hours. Soon it was nighttime and we were so tired. I nearly fell asleep so All of us had to stop and had some dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. I ordered a little plate of Singapore Noodles and a glass of Hot Tea. It was good, but we also talked about what we would do if someone passed us. 
      “First, we need a map,” I said.
      “Yeah, I have a map,” Said Beven. 
      “How much money is a golden compass?” I asked.
      “I think about $800,” Beven said. 
      “I brought a lot of money with me.” I said.
      We went along and On the way, I got a navigator because map was to hard to navigate. Well, we were not doing that well when we were going through Texas, but, the navigator worked out and I was the first one who got out of Texas and into Louisiana. So, that was an awesome thing I did and make sure you meet me in...
Book two!

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