The Ant King

by Zarina, Age 10 , Grade 4, Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA USA

The Ant King
By Zarina
     Once upon a time, there were two ant kings. One was a red ant king, and the other was an Eciton army ant.  They both wanted to rule over the whole kingdom of ants, but since there were two of them, they couldn’t rule together. So they fought, fought, and fought.  Unfortunately, neither of them died. Soon, they had an idea. They would see who could survive in the large, treacherous world of humans. 
     As he explored, the red ant king crawled into a microwave. Soon, a girl named Elizabeth came into the room. She found the ant in the microwave, and since she hated bugs, she microwaved it once, twice, three times. At for the fourth time, the red ant king was luckily still alive. 
     Meanwhile, the Eciton army ant wandered in a house until he got to a refrigerator. Thinking that it was a door to a house, he crawled through a crack in the refrigerator’s door. It was so cold that chunks of ice were dropping onto  the ant. He almost got smashed, but he managed to dodge the ice chunks. One was about the size of a baseball! 
     But the red ant king wasn't having as much fun. He kept on getting stomped on and bruised by Elizabeth. But soon, he managed to climb into Elizabeth’s burnt food. But there happened to be a fork on her bowl. So when the red ant king crawled into the bowl, he got cut in half by the sharp fork tongs. So, the Eciton army ant ruled the ant kingdom. And from then on, the Eciton army ant is the strongest ant species in the whole world.

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