Donut World

by Nico S. , Grade 6, St Francis of Assisi, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA

The year was 2372, this year is significant because the humans had created an artificial Earth. This Earth soon sprouted a new race, the Donut People. These “Donut People” had been treated with prejudice and discrimination. The Donuts had been conspiring against the humans, and were planning on overthrowing the Human Race, and taking the artificial Earth as their own planet. The Donuts soon were immersed in a four year war, later known as “World War Donut”. This war was fought mainly in the North-Eastern lands of the A.E. ( Artificial Earth ), these lands were called The N.E. Port. In the N.E. Port the Donuts had control for the last three years of the war. They had fought with the humans and launched a heist against the humans to steal a specific amount of weapons and blow up the storage facilities and factories for production and manufacturing. The Donuts had then shutdown all exports and imports by the humans. The Donuts knew they had won the war after they had destroyed the human weapons, because the humans were powerless without their laser blasters and plasma cannons. They also knew because the humans had surrendered. The Donuts wanted to be a peaceful people, so they let all the humans flee back to Earth. The Donut King, King Sprinkles, had to come up with with a new name, so he asked his citizens.


King Sprinkles said, “Who has a good name for our new planet?”

James said, “Hows about ‘World Planet’?”

“No,” said King Sprinkles,”It should be called Donut World.”

James then said,”It’s because we are Donuts, hence the name Donut World, I get it.”

“Yes James,” said King Sprinkles.”That is why.”

(James is a head ambassador from the humans)

So from then on the Donuts lived peacefully on their new world, until “The Radish Rebellion” took place. But since the Radishes were a new race who had just “sprouted” they were very crude and the Donuts defeated them with ease. This conflict lasted only for a mere two weeks. The Donuts had just then invented a new weapon called the War Machine. This device is an implant which is inserted into your spinal cord, which it then travels up through your body to connect with your brain. This War Machine gives you enhanced strength, speed, sight, jump height, and a neural connection with a computer in which operators can see through your eyes. The Donuts had set up a Galactic Market and sold these devices to the human military services. King Sprinkles led a democratic system in which the people voted every year-and-a-half for a new King, but every year the other candidate was killed and decapitated. The police thought they had a good suspect, but PLOT TWIST, it really was King Sprinkles (I know you thought it was going to be some creepy contract killer).

Kink Sprinkles knew he was a great King, but all the other candidates were much better suited for the role. He was trained by an elite group of Guinea Pig Assassins, also more widely known as the GPA. The GPA promised not to eat King Sprinkles as long as he fulfilled their every request. On King Sprinkles’ sixth year running the other candidate, Jimmy Holt, took special precautions to ensure his own safety (of course Jimmy was also a Donut, but he was custard filled) and hid a Dough Extractonator, a strange name yes, in case the mysterious killer “paid him a visit”. Jimmy was right to stay prepared, because King Sprinkles attacked, but Jimmy was prepared and he killed King Sprinkles. It was a good thing that Jimmy had killed King Sprinkles, because he was planning on destroying the human race, which would eliminate many planets in the process. The reign of King Jimmy had begun! 

King Jimmy had kept peace for the rest of his life, because Donuts are immortal and can only die if killed, and he led Donut World to a prosperous new life,


                                               The End


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