The Afterlife

by Kahlil F., Age 11 , Grade 6, SDCCS, San Diego USA
Teacher: Mr. Rico

The Afterlife

I was running and running towards the light from my searing pain in the right of my rib. I wake to my brother jumping up and down on my chest and I throw him onto his bed and yells at me.


“You were jumping on my chest you nincompoop,,” I snapped back.

And I get out of bed I find it strange that my mother hasn't come in and start nagging and yelling at us that we are being too loud and are going to bring  down the house with this ruckus. But I shrug it off and tell my brother.

“Alright let's get ready for school,” My brother replies with a sigh and walks out the door.

We make it to school about at 7:56 and we go our separate ways and I make into the classroom and my friends don’t even look up at me i try to wave at them…. Nothing I go to my desk which is in the back of the class and look around the class everyone has a devastated look on there face I try to lighten the mood by saying.

“Who died.”

There was no reply.

Everyone keeps their eyes glued on their desks trying to avoid eye contact with each other and then the teacher walks in and starts the lesson with a grim look on his face he looks at the class and starts to give one of his motivational speeches.

“I know that we miss our friend but that's nothing to worry about he's in a better place now.”

When he said it it made me feel confused who was this boy that's in a better place now what's his name? Silence it’s so quiet you can hear the class next to us. The bell rings the halls are over flowed with students but it’s quiet as a untouched forest I ask around about what's happening nobody responds to me like I don’t even exist so I blend in I stay quiet and don’t talk to anyone. The bell rings school’s out kids walk out and flood the sidewalks as me and my brother walk down the street a kid waves at us I point to myself he nods as i'm walking towards his a kid runs up to him and they start talking i can only hear a few word like.

“well thats too bad..” and “How did he?”

I looked at them my brother tugs on my sleeve and points to a boy in a dark blue hoodie he had distinct blue eyes and dark brown hair I rack my brain and try to think if I had seen him before he looked scared and scrawny I looked at him one last time and walked away. As I was walking down the street constantly dogs would start barking as I passed by I got to my house my brother rushed in right as we got home and.

he yelled “Mom we are home.”

Nothing I walked to my parents bedroom she sat on the bed staring at the floor with a glass of water I shut the door lightly and stepped away from the door she didn’t seem to see me so I got into my room and. Went to my desk I grabbed my homework and started working the sun went down I fell asleep I had the same dream as before me running towards the light but something was different a car passed in front of me and almost hit me but ran over my foot I still ran with the pain in my foot I couldn’t stop myself  and then I turned and a car hit me and sent me onto the cold hard ground I was bleeding out pain all over me it felt as if someone was slamming my head with a baseball bat I woke drenched with sweat. I looked over my shoulder and saw my brother fast asleep in his bed with the covers tucked to his chin I walked out of the room and went to the door I gripped the cold metal knob and opened the door quietly I looked around at all the people outside I found it strange that so many people want to go outside at this time and some of the people seemed to be bleeding one of them went up to me.

He Asked “You’re one of us aren't you?”

I responded “What are you talking about and what are you?”

The person came closer and grabbed my shirt and hoisted me up and threw me to the ground surprisingly it didn’t hurt a tad bit behind me my brother eased forwards with his blue fuzzy blanket wrapped around him he rubbed his eyes and looked around and

Asked me “Why are there a bunch of people out right now?”

The person that threw me around earlier was towering over me and hollered at the other people in the street “I found a couple more!” and a two other people came over one of them looked tall and with blonde hair and dark brown eyes he wore a night cap and regular clothes With worn out shoes on his feet.

“What do you maniacs want from us?” I said with a little bit fear in my voice

He responded in a gruff but neutral voice “Nothing we are taking you to a safe place.”

I looked at him confused my expression must have given it away

“I know that you’re confused but you must come with us.”

he grabbed my arm and I tried to yank it away from him but he had a firm grip on it and one of the other men picked up my brother

I screamed at him “LET GO OF ME YOU DUMMY!” *just makin it kid friendly*

I fought back screaming and yelling but nothing seemed to break his grip we were about a mile or two from our house and the sky was turning to a light purple I finally calmed down his grip started to loosen he collapsed to the floor I stared at him on the floor in the middle of the street I hurried over to the man who was carrying my brother he was also collapsed on the floor crushing my little brother who was also fast asleep drooling from the mouth i tried to yank him out from under the man he didn’t budge i felt a blunt force hit my head my teeth rattled and i collapsed to my knees and fell on my face and i blacked out. I woke to a blinding white light i looked around nothing but darkness i moved my head to the right a sharp pain where my head was hit I moved my head back in place my eyes adjusted to the light i could see shadowy figures moving about the room whispering in each others ears i opened my mouth to speak nothing came out i tried screaming…. Nothing I picked my head off the back rest a little bit and the whispering got louder I moved my head up a little more and my brother was on the ground next to me I looked up and there was a hole in the roof above us I sat up and looked around the bright light was still in my face I moved it out of the way I blinked my eyes adjusted to the darkness I looked around and a bunch of small shadows runned around the room my eyes adjusted a little more and I could see the kid in the blue hoodie looking down at me with five more kids around him they all seemed to be 11 or 12 he reached his hand down to help me up just then the lights came on they were big industrial lights and shone in my face my eyes throbbed.

I asked “Who are and why did you take us here?”

He responded with a commanding voice “I thought you would have figured it out by now”

“Find what out?” I said.

“That you’re dead..” He said quietly.

I stared at him the quietness in the room was unbearable I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off

“Hello I said you were dead that doesn’t mean that you can just sit there and expect me to not see you we are Middles we are meant to see you.” He said breaking the tension

I continued to stare at him with disbelief

“How?” I asked.

“Car crash” He said

I opened my mouth and asked another question “Is my brother dead too?”

“Yes…” He said in a quiet gentle voice

“Then why am I able to feel pain?”

“Because you’re the one they have been experimenting on” He said.

Just then two men in lab coats walked in with clipboards started murmuring to each other then they spoke up.

“Alright let’s take attendance.” One of the men said

Then it hit me that was the same man that grabbed me and took me away from my home I boiled with anger I stood up the pain in my legs didn’t matter anymore I ran at him each step increasing my anger towards him I leaped at him he stuck his hand out and grabbed me by the hair and flung me to the wall I braced for impact but I stopped in mid air I looked at the     ground I was about 5-feet up I panicked I fell to the floor with a THUD. I stood back up

“Don’t try anything else that little flying trick takes along time to happen again and it only saves you in the heat if the moment” He said with gruff voice.

I continued to stare at him

He started to name kids off “Patricia 1 Patrick 2  Jack 3 Elliot 4”

The kid in the blue hoodie stood up to join the men I just stared as one by one kids were called off to do who knows what they all entered the doors that had a number above them the kid in the blue hoodie entered door 4 and then

He called out my name and my brothers “Alec and door 9”

I stared at him a while confused

“How do you know my name?” I said with fear in my voice

“We know everybody that dies and where and how and don’t worry  you are safe and sound trust us we do nothing to harm you we just send people to their new lives” He said it with a uneasy voice

I opened door 9 and entered…. I looked around at the brightly lit room and saw a white bed with a grey blanket on top. The walls were covered with black reflective surface I looked up at a camera that was hidden in a corner I moved over to it and the camera followed me everywhere I went I continued to walk about the room until I found a small crack in the reflective wall I touched it and it got bigger I touched it again it shattered into a million pieces I stepped over the reflective shards  into a dark damp tunnel I walked and walked.

About an hour has passed I was still walking until I reached a dead end I bashed my arm against it seeing if it would crumble like the reflective wall I hit it again I flew through it I toppled onto a soft floor I looked around and then I saw my brother running around I walked over to him and looked down the ground at my feet was like a mist and I could see something beneath it I moved some of it away with my hand and I stared at the ground beneath me I could hardly make it out but then it hit me I remembered how I was dead I looked back the hard ground I busted through was gone I sat down I breathed in the rich air and let the sun burn my face I was free.



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