by colin j. , Grade 6, sandiago cooaparative charter school, sandiago, CALIFORNIA USA
Teacher: julian rico

I remember it clear the day the war was declared over hitler announced it over the radio it was the worst day of my life.


The U.S. 1945

It was the day the germans totally blitzed it,every thing GONE my home RUBBLE.  me? I managed to hide in an air raid bunker,  then rubble fell onto the concrete door sealing the bunker for a week and three days but then the one hopeful day I heard from above the peeling of scrap metal from above,the door started to move……

The U.S.(GERMANY) 1962 the_resistance headquarters               

“Magst du essen!? das wee ist stinkend wee wee dog Worte Worte Worte Warzen Amerika tot wie ein Bug.” A bunch of german trash washed over the radio  like a wave of hate…. probably  I don't know what it meant its german and i'm an american. Nowadays there's no music on the radio so  it's been twenty-seven years since music  it's been a while. Music doesn't exist any more. Now you'd probably think a resistance would have fun music right? Wrong. No music and fun theme-songs and no inspiration. Currently, in america it's to toxic to go outside without a gas mask. Nobody really lived without it, well…. one person but only for a few minutes, bill, who is second in command went outside without a gas mask. But he passed out and regained consciousness before he died. He said it smelled like a dead cat in a burning oil drum. But also toxins aren't the only dangers out there. German cannon towers! But there not really dangerous the operators are kind of nubs. We've taken out three out of 9,067 but that was not me, (of course) it was John T.Julian, Patrick H.Neils, and  Warren H.Muck. They used to be in the bomber squad 223! All of them went down in the pacific and made a daring raft ride twenty miles to shore! Only to see death and despair granted upon their country. And that's why we are plotting an ambush in the grand canal. The plan is to drive a little steam boat up the canal at 12:00 PM and of course bring my favorite C4 explosives! Take the explosives and pull the steam boat up to the military supply dock (sneakily) drop the explosives and scram! But for now that’s NOT  happening any time soon so we are all bored,right now i'm chilling chewing on some potato crisps

(potatoes that are chopped in thin slices and baked. chips are for n00bs)

then  david  comes and taps me on the shoulder and says,

“Hey dork gimme a potato chip.”

“They are crisps,” I bark.

“Whatever,” daved  says  then slaps me on the back then walks away.

“That guy was such a noob,” I mutter.  

But  before I could spit out another stupid sentence the bunkers air-raid sirens go off


“Just another bombing run!”exclaimed Warren.

I was  relieved.                             

This whole “bombing” thing is new for me. recently  one of the nazi surveillance planes spotted a few of our troops heading away from camp so i'm guessing he spilled the ever since then they've been trying to bomb camp.

But this may come to you as a bad thing BUT  for me it's making my job easier because my job is private for supply sector-A basically taking down buildings for supply  like I-beams and reclaimed wood to expand upon the bunker.

so i have to squirm my way into a  not yet detoxified harvesting suit almost every day! The general is leading us out to the airlock I scootch my way through the crowd and get into the airlock the door shuts behind me me

Chapter one   THE OUTSIDE5/11/2062

five men in the airlock one of them open the door to the wasteland. It looked worse than before so I walk over to the nearest half destroyed building I don't see any door so I break down a wall I start to enter when a brick falls on my head luckily I was wearing a helmet

“helmets save lives” I say to myself.

I approach the stairs step by step i carefully climb the stairs. I'm in what used to be the guest room.

“YESSSS!” I scream with excitement.

On a rotted night stand I see a limited edition War-Man bobble  figurine i've been looking for one of these forever! Quickly, I shove it into my pack then I walk back down stairs to find the basement. I could see the opening, but it was blocked by rubble. I begin to shovel the debris on to the floor.

“There! “I say.

Walking down the  concrete stairs to a rather big basement with a few boxes I found some supplies but behind the boxes was a trunk. Ohhhh says my friend jamie, who just walked into the basement. The trunk was locked me and james tried to pull it open it didn't budge. So I just punched it with my metal glove. We were amazed it was full of spam I said dude we gotta get this back to camp!

You'll get a day off exclaimed james i'm happy for you.

Befor I get ready to leave I sift thru the cans I feel  rubber in the shape of--gasp! I pull it out.

Oh yah.

buried in spam cans was the infamous lugger  (and ammo) the only handgun more iconic than the “.49.” for my first gun it's not in to bad of shape! A little rusty, but that can be fixed. By now me and james  are walking out with the spam chest with my finds in my pak.

“Whatcha got there?” asks Christofferson.

“You won't believe it.. A chest of  spam and a lugger!” I exclaim.

No way bro lemme see that.. Wow it's real. But lil rusty i'll fix at for you, says christofferson  

“I'd love that!” I exclaim.

Meet you at my shop!

Chapter Two SHOP 5/12/1962

It's three in the morning woken up by jamey’s snoring I walk up to the nightstand to switch on the radio,KSKSKSSKHSSSHSHSSHSSHHSSHSSH! all I hear is static. I looked over at Jamey he was still throwing the Z’s.

“JAMYEY!” I screamed

“PHERNDENERGUTS! Why did you do that!” Jamey yelled.

“You sounded like a pig.” I said.

“SO!” Jameyed exclaimed.

“SO, I dunno.” I said.

I took a sip of his coffee.

“And why are you drinking my coffee?” he asked.

“It tastes good.”

Jamey sighed.

I get ready for work with my daily routine brush my teeth,wash my face,throw my suit in a washer,and slip in! I walk out of my room into a flooded hallway rushing with foot traffic

“Hmmm strange…” I say.

I step into the flooded hall making  my way to christofferson's shop but first to the water treatment I see a bunch people from the construction joint running to water treatment.


I start walking to christofferson’s shop to pick up my gun when the construction people walk up to me and ask:

Hey pal uhh you haven't seen any unauthorized genetic experiments have you?



“Strange,” I say walking up to Christophersons shop.

“Hey Mr.bean is ol, christof hear?” I ask.

“Yeah he’s tooling around in the backroom.” said Mr. Bean

Now walking into the shop and to the backroom.

“You here bud?” I ask.

“Of course I am dude.” Christopherson says.

“Well are you done?” I say expectantly.

“Yurp!” Christopherson says.“Wanna take it to the range?”

“You know I do!” I scream with a high pitched girly voice.

At the range I tried out my slugger with a few more weapons like cristofs M-1 rifle  then, it got to three which meant why of course meant the “outside.”

“Bleh!” I yelled

“Oohho nooo pal remember?” Said christoferson

“OOOOHHHHHH YEEEAAAHHH!!!! I love spam!” I screamed.

“Have fun dude.” Christof says.

“Oh thanks!” I said.


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