by Gwen P., Age 12 , Grade 7, Lexington Montessori School, Lexington, MA USA
Teacher: George Michael Hakim


By: Gwen Patrissi

I've been waiting for this for days, weeks, months, and even years. There it was. The most beautiful scene in the word. Candyland…

“Come on Ayden! You are so slow. Do you even want to find Candyland?” Iris questioned.

“Come on now Iris. Be real! We are never going to find it. Just because it was in a movie does not mean that it’s real,” Ayden said.

“You don't know that.” Iris stated confidently.

“Do you even know where we are?” Ayden asked.

“Yeah we are in the clouds! Can you not tell. In the movie Candy Land is Real it says that if you go to the clouds and just keep walking you will find it. So that is what we are doing”, Iris said with passion.

After four hours of Iris dragging along Ayden and him complaining, they suddenly stopped and saw that the clouds were slowly turning a grayish kind of color. This was not in the movie. Iris said scared.

Ayden sarcastically said, “Yeah, ya know we should probably go back now.”

They waited there and took a little nap and waited for the gray clouds to pass. I thought my tempurpedic mattress at home was the comfiest thing in the world. Nevermind the clouds. Ayden said.

That took at least a few hours. They kept walking the way we were walking the way before. They think they heard someone up ahead yelling, “I am so lonely will someone just come and give me company.”

Both of them got kind of scared and for some reason we kept walking forward. In the fog was a little troll. Iris wanted to go to him, but Ayden did not. So of course Iris got her way and they went forward.

They came to a little brick wall and all of a sudden a little troll jumped over from the other side of that wall. He looked like a very big rock with some moss on the back of him. He also had a little tiny face.

Oh yeah, and a very big moss mustache.

He said, “You cannot pass.”

Iris asked, “Why?” “Usually can't you like answer a riddle or something and then we can pass.” Iris said.

“Nope.” Said the troll said as he grinned.

“What?” Iris asked.

“I am just a grouchy, old and,  lonely troll that need company. Won't you just stay for a little while? We can be best friends”, the trollI said.

Iris said to Ayden, “he is just trying to play us. I can tell that he is going to do something bad.” So, she shoved the troll aside and said “Come on Ayden let’s go.” They both jumped over the rock wall, then ran.

“How did we get past that guy”, Ayden asked?

“I have no Idea”, Iris said.

They kept walking. Iris said, “Do you smell that, Ayden?”

“Smell what?” Ayden shrugged.

“Oh come on how do you not smell that?” Iris said. “Its Candyland! Let’s go!”

They ran for so long. And finally... There it was. Candyland.

Rainbows, glimmering in the sky. Little gumdrops bouncing everywhere like life could never be better. Cotton candy as bushes. Chocolate fudge rushing down streams. Gummy cherries singing happy songs on the gummy trees. Everything you could imagine was edible.

Ayden said putting his hands on his hips, “Ok, I guess you were right about this whole candy land thing.” Looking down at the ground with his arms crossed.

See I told you it was real!.” Iris said, with her arms out in the air.

They stood there for a moment and said to each other. “What the heck are we doing? Lets eat!”

Five hours later. They ate until their stomachs were as big as elephants. Iris finally said, let's go home.



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