The First Grade

by Hernan, Age 12 , Grade 7, John F. Kennedy Middle School, Cupertino, CA USA
Teacher: Mr. Greene


It was a cool August morning, and the first day of school. The first day of school is always the worst… especially if you are the new student.

. I was just a little kid, six years old and going into first grade. For many children kindergarten is the first day of school, but I was homeschooled for kindergarten so this was my first day of school. I was short, my dark-brown hair was a little longer back then, I felt like I was roasting under my sweater even though the morning was cool. At my elementary school the children would line up at the basketball courts where their room number was painted in bright yellow paint. As I stood in line I made a mental note, “Never trust the weatherman he said it would be chilly” . My older sister was waiting with me in line. She was in highschool and her first day of school was later than mine. She was there with me because my parents had to go to work and couldn’t wait with me. She told me to have fun, that I should not worry about anything because we would do lots of activities in class. I was nervous and did not want the bell to ring. But just as I was thinking about that, the bell rang.

My teacher walked towards my line and said that we could enter. As each kid entered she would ask for their name. I inched closer and closer to the door, my heart was pounding in my chest.“Hi!” she said with a glowing smile. “What is your name?”  My voice came out as a soft whisper. “What?” the teacher asked, and leaned closer. I stood quiet and my sister told her my name. The teacher said “Oh welcome, hang your backpack there”. My sister said , “See you later, have fun” I walked towards the backback hooks and placed my backpack on one of them.The classroom was arranged strangely. The seats were at least two-feet apart from each other. There was a colorful mat where other kids were sitting, so I also sat down. I turned around to look for my sister, I wanted to ask her what would happen next. I looked at  every corner of the classroom but she was not there.

I realized she had left and I did not know anyone else around me. My throat began to feel tight, like when you are about to cry. The teacher walked in and sat at the front of the class. I could see her mouth moving but I was not paying attention. I was worried thinking about when the day would be over and who would pick me up. Then everyone started to get up so I did too. Now I was nervous because I did not know what we were doing. The teacher brought out some balloons and we played a game where we had to pop the colors that she called out. I was having fun and began to forget my worries. Then it was time for recess, I worried again who would I play with?

I walked around the playground a few times. The other kids has friends from kindergarten so they got together and played. I felt lonely, I did not know what to do. The lump in my throat came back. I walked towards a bench and sat down. I could feel warm tears rolling down my cheeks. I looked down at my shoes, I did not want other people to see me and I wanted to stop the tears but they kept rolling down my face. The bell rang and I went back to the classroom. The teacher was at the door and asked me if I was O.K. Just then the tears came down like rivers and my crying was not silent anymore. “I want to go home!” I somehow managed to say. The teacher tried to calm me down but it only made things worse. I could not control my feelings and I refused to go inside the classroom. I lied and said that my stomach hurt. She walked me to the office and I sat in the nurse's office. The secretary told me I could look at some books and that when I felt better I could go back to class. I did not want to go back to class so when she checked up on me I said that my stomach still hurt and that I wanted to go home. I was scared that she would not let me go home so again, I cried. My mom came and picked me up, I felt relieved and happy.

Later on, I did make friends and had fun times in school but there were always things that scared me. Things like the fear of getting a wrong answer when I got called on, going to recess and my friends leaving to play with other kids that I did not know and having to talk to new people. I am now a 12 year old kid in middle school who decided to write about this. The first day of school is still a nervous time for me but now I know that others feel the same way too. Meeting new people and having to try new things in school is hard and sometimes scary but over the years I learned that you won't get over your fears unless you confront them.


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