Why School Should Start Later

by Cate S., Age 12 , USA

Kids usually wake up around 5:00am-6:00am, when they should be waking up later. Children should be waking up around 7am-8am. School should be starting later because that would mean that kids would be getting enough rest before school starts. More rest would mean that they would be more focused and learn better.

Teens need about 8-10 hours of sleep, and studies show that that’s not the amount of sleep that they’re actually getting. One study showed that only 15% of teens recalled sleeping 8 ½ hours or more per night. Another study saw that when kids gain more sleep their behavior and attention improved. Kids and teens seem to also get higher grades when they get enough sleep.

Most kids don’t go to bed early because most of the time pre-teens/ teens often have devices that they use late at night. Other distractions may keep kids up like dogs barking, baby’s crying, loud noises, etc. An average 9-12 year old goes to bed between 8:30-9:30 (or later) because they may not be tired or they have after school activities to do. Usually there is a break between when school ends and when sports activities start so if you started school later you would give up the break after school, but you would be more well rested.

Kids brains are still developing and a human brain isn’t fully developed until they are 25. They need rest in order for their brains to grow. Not getting enough sleep can also stunt a kid’s growth. School is getting more and more competitive and kids are being asked to do more than they ever were before. Their minds need to be prepared for what’s coming at them.

Every living creature needs sleep and it’s the primary activity of an early brain development. Important hormones are released for growth and development, so this is why school should start later.   


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