When I Hit A Brick Wall

by Weston C., Age 11 , Grade 6, St Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA

When I hit a brick wall I stop and think,

I see my friends already at the top screaming, “Come on man”

So, I try to climb it,

I fall,

I get up and try,



and try some more,

no use,

I scream, “OH …”

I take a deep breath,

I get up one last time,

just for the heck of it,

just for the wonder of how it would feel if I got to the top,

just so I might do something useful in my life,

I take a deep breath again,

I start climbing,

Somehow I have found where there are holes and jagged edges in the wall,

I grab onto them,

I realize I am doing it,

I am really doing it,

I am climbing the wall,

through every last breath,

I keep climbing,

as I gain more and more confidence,

I feel more and more energy running through me,

I finally get to the top,

I scream like a wild hyena who had just caught a wildebeest,

the burden of the wall has fallen,

I feel as if I am a God,

but really, I am just a kid who had just finished his homework.


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