Inner Beauty

by Olivia T., Age 12 , Grade 6, St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs Reinhert

Does she even brush her long wavy hair?

Does she even dust some makeup on her luscious cheeks?

She doesn’t even try but her eyes still glimmer, her lips still smile as if she has never been sad.

Her freckles barely show but they are as noticeable has the sun.


I drift off in space to find the perfect girl but the only place i find is a mirror.


Her face is like a painting from Leonardo de Vinci. 

Her skin is so smooth its like the sand right after the waves wash away the lumps and holes people leave with feet.

Everyone sits and thinks as she walks by,

Trying to believe they’re as perfect as her knowing they’re not.

They hold their breath as she walks by like a bubble waiting to be popped, 

Watching every move she makes, figuring out the way she is, the way she lies life.


We all drift off in space to find the perfect girl but the only place we find is a mirror.


That girl we find,

Daydreaming as she sits,

Thinking about how it would feel to be perfect.

Maybe she’s perfect on the outside but there’s pain in the inside,

Like a flower that has a bug eating the inside of a flower in a slow but harmful way.

All she has is the outside but what really matters is the inside.


She drifts off to find the perfect girl but the only thing she finds is no one.


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