by Noah H., Age 11 , Grade 6, Saint Francis of assisi, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Mrs.Reinhart

l love soccer all my life 
since i was three
i used to kick the ball with my little soccer leg

Soccer is fun, but there are some things that are annoying
like when you come home from school and you have a ton of homework
and you just want to get it done
but you have soccer
"Mom dont make me go to practice my i have ton of homework and my stomach hurts."

Usually it pays of when the game comes 
and its so frustrating when you lose 5-0 
and all that work you put in, feels like it did nothing
"Told you we were going to lose dad."

But there are some good things about soccer
Like, when its 60 degrees and your winning and you just feel the wind breezing on your face 
and then you have a game after that and your parents take you to a pizza place even though you weren't supposed to get pizza
and you get a craft root beer that they make and you can just feel the sugar exploring through your veins
that's what soccer is

and then there is times when the only thing you want to do is play soccer 
so you drop your backpack and play soccer and you do none of your homework
Yeah thats what i do

The other day i didn't want to go to my soccer game cause i would miss 4 hours of the fall festival
but my parents made me go which i was happy i did in the end but guess what happened we lost 3-1
surprise surprise
story of my life

Anyway soccer isn't just about winning and losing and kicking a ball
its also about making friends and going to tournaments and eating food that's bad for you
That's  soccer is cause people think all you do is kick a ball but its so much more.

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