Woman's sports events should be equally attended as Men's sports events

by Fiona G., Age 12 , Grade 7, Saint Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart

Woman’s sports events should be equally attended as

Men’s sports events


            How many women’s sports events have you gone to? You probably said one, or none. Although currently men’s sports get more attendance than woman, actually woman’s sports games should get equal attendance because woman and men should get equal rights, younger girls need to know that there are woman out there playing so they can have idols and woman to look up to, and in woman’s sports games there is less play-acting and time wasting.


Woman’s sports should have equal rights as men’s sports games. Woman’s sports should get equal rights because we have goon so far in the progression in equal rights, for example how woman can vote now and the equal pay among woman. In a recent poll from Always, who had the recent viral video “Like a Girl”, both woman and men said the both genders were equally good in math and science; somewhere where the differences were high was in sports. In the poll 32% of woman and 40% of men felt that men were better in sports.


            In woman’s sports there is less play-acting and less time wasting. A recent study showed that on average men stay on the ground 30 seconds more than woman after a foul, 10 more seconds while substituting, and 30 more second after scoring a goal. Although there is a lot of stoppage in both games men by far steal the trophy for the Emmy’s and award winning acting. For this reason I think woman’s sports is a lot more enjoyable to watch.



Younger girls need idols to look up to that play soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. Studies have proven that young girls need to know that they have female role models to grow up with more confidence about what they really want to do in life.

One thing that we need in the world is not just woman engineers, scientists, athletes, but female Heroes. If we show younger girls and woman that others have done before them or tried to, they will most likely become more inspired to do more, and step out of their comfort zone.



            Woman’s sports should get the same attendance as men’s sports events. This is because woman should have equal rights as men, younger girls need female idols to look up to, that play men populated sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and football, and there is less play-acting and time wasting in woman’s sports events.


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