school luck and flunk

by pete a., Age 12 , Grade 6, St. Francis School, louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: ms.reinhart

I go to class one.
But i remember one.
We have a test.
I go in the room the test is on my desk.

So i hope i do my best.
So i just wing it.
And i bling it.

Then i went to lunch it was friday.
So  we had fries and every thing got better.
But when i get to my last pop quiz!
So i got my study list.

Good thing i know it.
And i got a 100.
But i my home room teacher said on monday 2 quizzes.
Then i said how am i going to do this.

Monday i got on the bus.
I forgot my 2 quizzes.
I have to study that's a must.
And i study.

When we got to school i was not ready.
I got to my locker.
Every time i look at the clock it goes faster.
So i use my locker as a blocker.

When i got to class 3.
I felt like like i flunked.
I did not like it.
It felt so long.

Class 4 and the same thing happened.
And i lost my speech.
I was mad.
It felt like a leech.

So the moral of this story is to have good grades.
If you do not have good grades.
You might be wishing tanks.
For little money.

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