Too Much Not Enough Time

by Michael S., Age 11 , Grade 6, St.Francis of Assisi, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart



                                                The world so big, and beautiful

                                    So much to explore, yet not enough time

                                        So much you can see and experience

                          So much to taste and feel and still not enough time


                                                  Too many people to meet

                                                     So many places to go

                                          So many beautiful sights to see

                        So many people to love, and still no enough time


                                                    So much pain to feel,

                                           Too many things to scare you,

                                             Too much homework to do,

                        Too many losses to have, and still not enough time


                                    Too much death, and destruction

                                    Too many wars, and violence

                          But still too much beautiful things to see

                 But always, but always too much not enough time



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