New Friendships

by Lucy D., Age 11 , Grade 6, St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart




Spoken Word Poetry:

New Friendships


When you open the door to a new friendship 

You’re walking into a life-long companionship

Whether they’re present or not 

You’re springing into happiness

And sorrow alike

You know you’ll share good times

Laugh and smile together 

But also sorrowful times

But you’ll keep going anyway 

Whether it’s the same person or not


When you meet them 

It’s because of that time in the park

When you were carrying a pile of books

You unknowingly dropped one

They grabbed it

And came up to you and said

“Hey, you dropped this.”

And they were holding your book

You carefully took the book from their hands

And thought 

“Did they just do that?”

Because a random person

Did a good deed for you

So you thank them 

You ask to be friends

Because you never really had a real friend 

No one else would do such a simple 

Yet meaningful task

So you ask to be friends

They hesitate, but accept your offer

For the next few months

You become close 

You meet at the park

To do homework every day


But one day

You get in a fight 

You get in a fight because

While you were running in the park together

You took off your favorite sports sneakers

To adjust your sock

And your friend grabbed your precious shoes


And threw them in the nearby pond

Your friend was amused

But you weren’t

You weren’t amused as you watched

You watched your favorite shoes sink to the bottom

So you fight

You fight verbally 

For what seemed like forever

Until finally

You broke up

At first, you’re angry

So angry at them 

For doing such a terrible thing


Then you become sad 

You’re so sad 

That you run

You run out of your house

And three miles

To theirs 

You pound on the door as if your life depended on it

A tall man, none like your friend

Answers the door

You ask for your friend and he explains

How they moved away

To across the country

Because of their father’s work


At first you feel sorrow

Great sorrow for yourself and your friendship

You slump over and feel as if you could collapse 

But then you stand strong

You take strong, proud strides until you see a girl

Carrying a pile of books

She unknowingly dropped one

You grabbed it

And came up to you and said

“Hey, you dropped this.”

And therefore the cycle started again

And you opened the door to a new friendship 



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