Little Voices

by Mattie D., Age 11 , Grade 6, St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart



                                        Little Voices

Those little voices inside my head,

In my heart,

My mind.

“Never give up!”

“Never stop trying!”

Those moments when you just can’t.

Then it comes back to the little voices…


I listen…


Trust them.

Find yourself,

Find where you are hiding.




Those little voices inside my head,

I stop…

I listen…

In my head,

My head,

My mind.

Those little voices.



Think about what you are doing.

No, no, no I can’t do this.

I turn around and start walking away.

Then of course the little voice inside my head starts yelling at me.

I ignore it.


“You have to. Don’t think about, it just do it!”

I just keep walking.

“You have to! You have to!”

The voice starts to get annoying so I respond,

“No, I’m not going back it’s too…”

The voice never let me finish.

“Quit doubting yourself and have confidence!”

“Stop, stop, stop! I’m not going back!”

“But you could do great things.”


I stop walking,

I take a deep breath,

“Okay I’ll do it.”


The little voices inside my head,

They sing the song,

They scream the scream,

They dance the dance,

They encourage…

So when the little voices inside your head are trying to tell you…


Listen to what they are saying!

It’s true…

What they are saying is true!

“Don’t doubt yourself!”

“Stay strong!”

“Go back, you can do it!”

Next time you hear the little voices



Then GO

You can,

You can!

 Just keep telling yourself that.


Little Voices.






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