The Day My Dog Died Alone

by Oliver C., Age 11 , Grade 6, Saint Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Rheinhart

 I came home to eat and work. Eating, thinking, where is the bark, the bark from my dog. Up the stairs I had a date with my computer. I worked, and worked, and worked till my eyes were as dry as a desert.


    Then playing games, having a blast, laughing, doing things any kid would do from an okay day at school. Cruising on my bicycle, spinning the energy out of me. Back to work in the house, my house. I heard footsteps come racing up the stairs.


    Hearing the girl sibling, my sister said "I knew it would happen sooner or later,"  then my response, "your joking", over and over and over I kept telling myself. To go outside and see the 17 year old, just a 17 year old dog, the dog who has felt like she's been in the family for decades and decades of years. Lying there, cold, just a little warmth and nothing else.


    Gracie girl the happy greeter, wants to be with you, anyone will do. Never staying still.  Runs the fastest the furthest up the hill.  Round eyes smiling, there goes the Energizer Bunny, lean, long legs, and black as midnight.  Getting old cast a silver lining across her face, a limpy leg, and a sprint to a gallop to a shuffle.  She can smell you then hear you but faintly see you.  There she goes tumbling in the grass to wear some newly found favorite smell.


    Falling to the ground like I had just been shot, but no it was even worse she was dead, the oldest dog in the family. All I could do was cry, weep, and say why, why did it have to be today, why didn't I spend more time with her, why just kept spinning and spinning around in my head. Tears just coming out like a waterfall at a park. The thought of even seeing her lie there just made more tears.

My mom was on the ground holding the oldest dog we have ever had. My mom's face was pouring out tears as if a volcano was erupting from a long slumber. All I could think about was how and what caused it. How did she die, did she fall as if a tree had just been struck by lightening and fallen to make just the slightest little vibration in the ground. What caused her to die. That thought mixed in with all my other thoughts that were in my head.


I stopped crying but my emotions caught back up with me, the crying, the emotions, the dead dog lying down right in front of me with her eyes rolled up and tongue hanging out.


     Right now, right there a chicken named "chicken" walked up and said bock, bock and then walked away to eat a bug. The gusher of tears finally stopped. Eating, thinking, wondering, what is this feeling inside me? Sadness overcame me. I will wait for tomorrow, I will wait...


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