The story of a beautiful princess........NOT

by Donya T., Age 10 , Grade 5, Silver Stream Public School, Richmond Hill, TORONTO CANADA
Teacher: Mr.Chau

Once upon a time in a magical land far far....whoa whoa whoa, sorry wrong story.Ahem, once upon a time (A.K.A today) lived a cool teen named Stephanie. Now Stephanie was cool and all but, she believed in magic. Now you might be thinking oh wow she finds out she has magic and saves the world, NOOOOO this is a real story, people, so there's no magic at all. Anyway back to the story, ahem Stephanie might be cool and all but she was not popular. Now Stephanie was not shy, in fact, she tried to be in all the school club or even run for class president but no one let her.Now you might be thinking why don't just tell a teacher, well Stephanie once tried in fifth grade and the teacher went and said on the announcements "Everyone stop excluding Stephanie Evergreen!" And it was super embarrassing, by the way, Stephanie is in 9th grade. Anywho, Stephanie hated how she was treated every year, but what Stephanie didn't know, is that every time she suffered or got bullied, it only made her stronger.This year she decided to be in the school play because she loved acting and was good at it but never got a chance to show it, until now.She auditioned and believe it or not she got the top role as sleeping beauty.But Stephanie knew something fishy was going on because she auditioned every year and never got in. But suddenly this year she not only got in but also got the top role, could it have been luck or a prank."A prank" Stephanie muttered to herself.For the last 2 weeks, she was spying on the two kids who bullied her most, Mitchell and Michael Flanagan. She found out that they were going to pour a bucket of mayo over her head on stage! She disabled the trap and on the night of the play, everything went perfectly. The two bullies were shocked. Stephanie learned that it doesn't matter if you don't have friends that the important thing is always to be confident of yourself and try to participate. Don't just stay in the shadows come into the light. Based on a true story. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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