The Evil of Money

by Alex S., Age 12 , Grade 7, Lexington Montessori School, Lexington, MASSACHUSETTS USA

The Evil of Money

A poem by Alex Seager


A thing that can please, also a disease,

is what everyone seems to desire. I’ll admit that it's nice, but it turns you to ice, your heart cold

as can be.

It seems life always comes back to that green paper stack, that no one seems fine without, but if you really look, I’m sure you’ll be shook at how little you need to be happy.

There are some who want it and some who flaunt it but in the end no one is happy, because actually it's factually just something that ruins people's souls.

It’s kept from the needy, by those who are greedy, and people addicted to its call.

Although it may buy you anything, happiness

it can never bring, and it does seem great,

but I have a debate,

it’ll run you in the end.

Because the more you make, the more you’re fake,

and then it's gone,

And you have


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