One World Trade Center experience

by Aidan Tommy H., Age 9 , Grade 5, Bushy Park Elementary School, Glenwood, MD USA
Teacher: Pam Rigaux

One World Trade Center Experience

Aidan Tommy Hwang, 9 years old



Everything was there. I could see the Empire State Building in the distance along with the Chrysler Building and the infamous Trump Tower. Humans looked like ants; cars looked like roaches. I was at the top of the One World Trade Center.


The One World Trade Center was one of the most amazing places to visit. The building was built to replace the Twin Towers and serves as a fine replica. The One World Observatory is on the 101st floor and the ride there makes your ears pop, but it is worth it. The electronic guides guide you through the breathtaking view. You can touch a building on the smart device and it will show you details about it. I walked around the amazing observatory and looked down. I was really high up. I walked towards the gift shop to look if anything was interesting but everything was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. There was a mug for $10.00!


One of the smart devices I was holding in my hand said that the One World Trade Center (OWTC) was 1,776 feet tall, a reference to the founding of the United States. I read on and found out that it was the tallest building in the USA. It took many years to build. When I researched the building at home, I figured out it is not only the tallest building in the USA, it is the tallest building (not tower) in the entire Western Hemisphere. Except it cheated a little because its spire is over 400 feet tall.


The ride down was a little scary and not as fun because I was leaving.


When I got home, my dad showed me a website about skyscrapers. I found the OWTC and learned that it was a part of my life. For one, the OWTC'S Observatory opened the year I first went. Secondly, I found a photo of a ferry I went on a long time ago and I was right in front of the OWTC complex and hadn’t noticed.


The World Trade Center complex is still under construction with the Two World Trade Center(TWTC) scheduled to be complete in 2020. I had an exceptional experience at the One World Trade Center and I would go again to see the finishing of the TWTC.


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