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Moana review

by waniya a., Age 11 , Grade 6, PUNJAB



The movie Moana is about a girl named Moana (meaning water). She wanted to adventure and explore but her father the chief of the island Motonui stopped her from doing so since she was supposed to become the next chief. Over some time the fish population of the island started to die and the crops stopped producing as much food. The natural resources of the island started to run out. According to the tales told by her grandmother Tala about Te Fiti the god of nature who can restore all the plants and trees of the world. Te Fiti cannot use her powers until her stolen heart is put back into place. Her heart was stolen by Maui the demigod who can shapeshift using his hook but he is stranded on another island. Moana decided to go find Maui and his hook so that he can restore Te Fiti’s heart which will bring back Te Fiti’s powers so that she can make plants and tree to produce the crops.  


So Moana sets off to find Maui and his hook to restore the heart of Te Fiti. It wasn’t easy though as she faced many challenges. The first challenge was the kakamora they were tiny coconut armoured pirates they wanted to steel the heart but Moana and Maui managed to get away. Then after the Kakamora the faced Tamatoa the crab who liked to take various treasures.  he also took Maui’s hook so they wanted to retrieve it. after the got Maui’s hook they had to go to face a lava monster behind the lava monster was the stone were Moana had to put the heart. she made it past the lava monster while Maui was fighting it she tried her best to find the stone to place the heart but she soon realized that the stone wasn’t behind the lava monster the lava monster was Te Fiti while Maui was fighting the lava monster she raised the heart into sky and it glowed and the lava monster caught attention of the glow. it wanted to go to Moana and the heart but there was water in the way Moana said to the ocean to clear a path for the lava monster to come and the ocean led a pathway to Moana and Moana went further  towards the lava monster. The lava monster let Moana put in the heart and  the lava monster transformed into Te Fiti. She had a flower crown on her head and her hair were vines and leaves. Maui and Moana bowed in front of her since she was a god. Te Fiti used her powers and restored all the crops plants and treesof the world then she turned into an island (the mother island) Moana returned to her island and Maui continued to wonder around the world. Moana became the new chief and taught her people to sail and they became voyagers travelling and visiting different islands.


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