"Always My mother Forever My Friend"

by Aaminah K., Age 11 , Grade 5, Beacon Schooling System, Rawalpindi PAKISTAN
Teacher: Maa'm Saadia

“Always My mother Forever My Friend”
I strongly believe my mother is the best in the world because of many reasons. I can talk
to her about my feelings and problems I face in my life and in school to get her guidance. She is
a very good listener. We usually discuss before going to sleep. She guides me to be supportive,
friendly and caring person instead of fighting back and thinking negatively about others.
I love my mother so much. She encourages me to participate in different activities in
school. She is a medical doctor and remains very busy. In spite of this, she regularly helps me in
my studies. I always take the best grades in my assessments and am part of clubs in school. I
know this is because of her support.
Another reason, why my mother is my favorite person is, because she is an honest and
hard working person. Once I went to her office and found her busy doing her work. She gave me
time during the lunch break only. Upon return to the house, she again got busy in multiple tasks.
I realized that day, she works continuously for us to make our lives better.
She used brings gifts for us when she visits different cities and countries. She gives me
pocket money. She developed my habit of saving money and praying five times a day. She tells
us different interesting stories. Together, we enjoy a lot.
In short, she is the best gift from Allah and I pray for her long life and happiness. I just
can’t live without her. My the biggest support, the best friend and the best mother!
“No matter where I am in this world she is always there for me, she loves me for who I am"

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