The Sacrifice

by Matthew, Age 12 , Grade 7, Somis School, Somis, CALIFORNIA USA

Jack was running with a limp to the big wooden doors thinking in his head “This was a bad idea, this was a bad idea. But at least Mia and Robert are running right behind him. Robert with a bruised face and an open screaming mouth yelling “WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!!!!!” and Mia trying to shut him up with her little stick she found outside Saying “I THOUGHT YOU SAID BOYS ARE TOUGHER THAN GIRLS!!!”. But they all had one thing in mind “Keep running”. They were running away from the black hooded person with their knife in hand chasing the children down the red isle, but before we go there let's start from the beginning.

The Murphy twins were always a little too into adventure but this was a big surprise to them being chased by hooded figures holding knives.  And, Jack grew up in Dundalk Ireland on Belfry Avenue with a tree he loved to climb in hi front lawn. Mia and robert are Jacks neighbor that have known Jack since he moved here when he was five. Jack was always a shy person but being in a new place was over the top so every time Mia or Robert or anyone said hi to Jack he would try to escape by running away or ignoring them by speeding up his walk to school. Eventually he would be a little less shy and start talking to MIa and Robert and actually became good friends but not that close… yet.

“Hey Jack!”

“Hi Mia!” Jack yelled from across the street.

“We don’t have school today so where ya going?” Mia yelled at the top of her lungs.

“I'm going to the shop!” Jack said still thinking about the delicious chocolate hershey's bar his mom said he could buy.

“Ok seeya then!” Mia yelled

On Jacks way to the store he ripped his two year old shoes on a tree root, but he has another pair at home so he thought it was fine. But when he got to the store his shirt ripped then he realized that it got caught on the door… he thinks. Then he got everything he needed he looked at his list but something was off their was another word there was not in a language he knew so he went to go get that last thing that was not on the list… A HERSHEY'S BAR!!!!!!! Hershey bars are Jack's favorite treat and could not wait to get it. Jack's mom always told him that picking out a candy bar was like picking out a watermelon or cantaloupe.

When he finally found the right one he went to the cashier and something felt off. But, that did not stop his mission.

“Next!” The cashier said loud enough that you can hear him from antarctica.

“Hi” Jack said very quietly like usual.

The cashier was very quiet through the process of checking out and just kept staring at Jack with his big glossy eyes. What really freaked Jack out was when the Cashier's eyes started twitching.

HEy kid!”

“HEY KID!!” yelled the cashier trying to get Jack's attention.

“Uh er Sorry” Jack said awkwardly.

“$17.50” The cashier said with his hand out.

“Here you go” Jack said holding out a twenty hoping this guy isn’t working next time he comes.

“Heres your change!” the cashier said while handing me the money.

“Thank you” Jack said halfway out the door.

While walking home Jack he ate the hershey's bar and all of a sudden he kept getting chills but he just thought it was it was the cold getting to him. When he got home he felt completely frozen. So he warmed up by the fireplace.

“Honey are you ok” said Jack's mom Debbie.

“I'm just a little cold” Jack said shivering.

“But you look purple” Debbie said.

“Yea yeah…” Jack said still shivering.

“No I'm not kidding you're literally purple and it's only 72 degrees out” Debbie said actually nervous.

“I'm fine just leave me alone right now…” Jack said with a sense of urgency in his voice.

“I'm going to call your father and tell him we're going to the hospital.

“Ugh why I feel…” was all Jack could say before he had clasped his arm around his stomach and yelp at the pain.

“Ok I'm definitely taking you to the hospital!” Debbie yelled at the top of her lungs.

Before anyone could say anything else Jack ran to the bathroom and puked in the toilet. When he finished he looked at the puke and it was a weird color like an orange magenta before he had to puke again sticking his head back in the toilet. Just then mom came in with a bucket, a dry towel, and a hot wet one. She helped jack up gave him the bucket and put the hot towel around his neck.

“Come on we're leaving.” Debbie said leading jack out to the car.

While jack was riding the hospital he puked a couple more times when all of a sudden he felt fine. He told his mom to turn back but she wouldn’t listen so he went with it.

“It could have just been the hershey's bar coming back up.” Jack said trying to get her to turn back

“It's not going to work i'm taking you no matter what your still purple but not like really purple just like a shade of purple.” Debbie said still nervous.

When they got to the hospital they had to wait like an hour but the shade of purple wouldn’t go away and even Jack got shocked to see his hand covered in purple skin. When the doctor finally saw him he was also shocked but stayed professional.

“Uh mmm I… uh.. I've never seen this before what did he eat recently?” The doctor said very confused as to what happened.

“I just ate a hershey’s bar and some cereal this morning.” jack said also very confused.

“I don’t see anything physically or mentally wrong with him so maybe he's just very cold, so get him home make him a spot somewhere and cover him with blankets and warm food right now.” The doctor explained unsure.

“Ok.” Debbie said hoping there was an answer why her son was a different color than he was a couple of hours ago.

When they got home Jack got cooped up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa and a thousand blankets over him but the shade of purple did not go away. He sat there and watched T.V. with his mom until his dad got home.

“Hi Debbie, Hi Ja… what in tarnation happened to you?????” Jack's dad Tom (Which is short for Thomas)

“I decided I wanted to be a race no one has ever found out about yet… what do you think!!” Jack yelled

That was the last time anybody really spoke that night besides when Debbie made dinner, But that was about it.

The next morning jack wasn’t purple anymore so he went to school but he still felt funny. He felt almost like he had more energy than usual. So he got ready for school and realized he was still down stairs in the living room on the gray couch they owned by his golden dog that he named will. He went into the kitchen to eat breakfast and realized his dad was sitting there.

“Hey dad.” Jack said after yawning

At first his dad didn’t notice but then he looked at him.

“I see you're not purple anymore… you actually look taller but i'm tired so.” Tom said.

“Don’t parents always say that?” Jack asked knowing the answer.

“Yeah but you should get ready for school.” Tom said looking at his watch.

“Ok i'm going I'll be down in a bit.” Jack said already on his way upstairs.

Jack was always a short kid so he always get the you look taller complement thing from everyone so he didn’t really think about it much. When he got upstairs he took a shower and got dressed but he thought his cloths were a little small so he thought maybe Mom will take me shopping sometime this week. But, he knew they were on a budget so it wouldn’t work. He came down stairs and his dad said it was time to go and walked out the door. When Jack and his dad were in the car Jack said that he needed new clothes because they were too small but dad told him maybe until you get dress coded at school.

“Dad why can’t we do things that other kids in my class can? Like go to disneyland or restaurants?” jack said knowing why but still curious.

“Because jack we don’t make enough money to do these kinds of things.” Tom said in a sad worried kind of voice.

“I know I just don’t understand why you or mom can’t get a better paying job Or a raise.” Jack said with curiosity.

“Well it's not that easy we can’t just quit and get a new job or demand a raise, but you'll understand when you get a job..

After that conversation it was silent the rest of the way to school. When jack got their he was glad to see Mia and Robert getting out of their car as well. As much as he wanted to say hi to them he needed to put his stuff in his locker and get to his math class to get help. All of a sudden when he was walking to his locker he felt kinda weird and all of a sudden sad but he did not know why. When he got to his locker he found the same sticky note with something meen or plain rude written on it like every morning. This one wasn’t as bad as they can get but it said “I figured out why your short. It's because you're a leprechaun. From Buzz!!”. Then he realized he had to put up with his bully today and was already ready to go home.

“HEY JACK WAIT UP!!” called Mia from behind him.

Jack stopped right in his tracks and waited for Mia.


“Hey Mia why do you look smaller than usual?” Asked Jack very confused.

“What are you talking about you’ve grown… a lot.” Mia said Also very confused

“Well that's strange.” Jacks said with a mind blown gesture.

“Hey *huff* guys *cough*” Robert said reaching for his inhaler.

“Hey Robert.” Jack said waving.

“Who are you?” Robert said confused seeing it's Jack but bigger.

“Really Robert it's Jack, are you blind?” Mia said whacking him on the head.

“Really why is he so big.” Robert said with the reddest face in the whole school.

“I must’ve had a growth spurt.” Jack said over the sound of Roberts steady wheezing.

“A giant one your like 5 inches taller and more muscular than usual.” Robert said stunned.

“Well let's stop getting confused and just get to class.” Jack said already starting for the class.

When Jack and the Murphy twins got to class they laughed at buzz’s reaction to jack his mouth hung wide open and looked away as fast as he could obviously regretting putting that sticky note on Jack's locker. When Jack sat down he saw his teacher Mrs. Green almost jumped over her desk before she realized it was Jack. Mrs. green kept an eye on him the whole time she was teaching expecting a jump attack or something but she kept writing on most likely the cleanest white board in the school.

After 3rd period Jack counted 3 teachers that almost jumped right out of their pants, but buz could not take his eyes off me like he was planning something but He looked liked he was thinking if was or wouldn’t do it. During the last class until break jack did nothing but graphs and tables but jack at least got the work completed. So he was able to go to the break and to the bathroom which he was literally dying to go to, but I won't get into to much detail about that. After he finished his little bathroom break he was able to find Mia but robert was still probably getting the last graph done.

“Hey Mia.” Jack said startling Mia so much that she almost fell.

“Don't sneak up on me like that, you almost gave me a heart attack.” Mia said holding her chest

“Sorry, is Robert still inside working?” Jack asked knowing he probably is.

“Yeah he ha trouble with the last one.” Mia said kind of awkwardly.

“Is something wrong.” Jack asked wondering if he did something wrong.

“No it's just weird… like how did you grow that tall and why you got more mussily or whatever.” Mia said trying not to act rude.

“Well all I did was eat a Hershey’s bar.” Jack said shrugging.

“Ah well let's stop talking about that… so what are you doing after school today wanna hang out.” Mia asked trying to change the topic.

“Sure where do you want to go? I mean I have to do homework first but then where do you want to go.” Jack asked changing the topic.

“Maybe we can go by the cathedral.” Mia said with relief on her face.

“Why there?” Jack asked with a confused expression.

“I don’t know I always wanted to go around there at a late hour it's supposed to be haunted.” Mia said with a slight smile on her face. Mia always like haunted places so did robert but Jack was a little more scared about that kind of stuff.

“Sure I mean I can, but…” Jack tried to say before the bell rang.

“Ok see you there! Be there at nine.” Mia said running to her next class.

Jack was in a different elective but still passed by Mia who was half sprinting but jack was speed walking so he knew he got faster since last time he really tried to be fast. When he got to his next class he was happy to realize it was music it was his favorite class. When he got inside and sat down noticed that his music teacher didn’t give any consent about Jack's new body figure. It didn’t bother Jack though he kinda liked that she didn’t get confused or anything.

The rest of the day was kind of normal except for everyone getting confused, but one thing did throw Jack off. Where was Buzz? Jack hadn't even noticed him that much today it wasn’t bothering Jack, but it felt odd that Buzz would just let him go like that. So jack started walking out of his classroom. But all of a sudden he couldn’t see anything.

“So Jack I don’t know how you grew but I will figure it out and use it on myself To make me the strongest person in the school, and maybe the town.” Buzz said sounding like an evil villain

All Jack had to do was lift the bag off his head which he did and realized Buz was trying to pull him away. Jack was surprised none of Buz’s goons were helping him probably trying to prove he’s strong enough by himself.

“What are you doing?” Jack said confused on why he put the bag over Jack’s head and was trying to drag him away.

“I'm taking you to my dad's garage to see how you got bigger and apparently stronger.” Buzz said still trying to drag him away.

“Well stop I have to get to my house if you excuse me.” Jack said pushing Buzz out of the way.

“HEY! GET BACK HERE!” Buzz yelled trying to catch up to Jack's speed walk.

As soon as Jack got into his car Buzz screamed something Jack could not understand. Other than that his Mom was already out of the parking lot.

“What the heck was that all abo… what in tarnation happened to you! You you got taller…” Debbie said with the same confusion as Mia.

“I don’t know but can I meet up with Mia and Robert later by the cathedral?” Jack said knowing she'll say yes.

“Um… uh… Sure I guess… I just don't’ know what happened… huh I must be more tired that I thought.” Debbie said with a tired gesture.

“So is that a yes?” Jack said knowing it was but just making sure.

“Yes.” Debbie said after yawning.

While jack leaned back in the seat he didn’t hit the head rest and realized his head was hitting the light tan colored ceiling. He also remembered how just yesterday he was in this seat almost barfing his brains out with his legs crossed and being smaller than what now is a really small chair in his mom's red sudan.

When they got home the sun was shining in just the right spot to do his homework on his bed so he ran up stairs and did it right away so he won’t miss out on going to hang out with his friends. He was pretty hungry though so he ate an apple that was growing just outside his window. Jack loved apples so he was able to choose this room that had a beautiful apple tree next to it. It had green leaves red apples and rough bark that he like to climb on when he gets bored.

“JACK YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE!” Debbie called from downstairs.

“COMING!” Jack said snapping out of his trance and writing the answer to the last problem down.

As soon as jack gave up trying to find a sweatshirt that would fit him. He went to his dad's closet and grabbed a sweatshirt and it surprisingly fit well. Then he ran downstairs.

“Hey Jack.” Mia said waving her hand.

“Wheres robert?” Jack said looking around.

“He’s outside fixing his chain on his bike it fell off on the way here.

“I can help, my dad taught me how when I got my new bike.” Jack said heading for the door.

“No it's fine he’ll be done in a minute. Hold on are you going to fit on your bike after your super weird growth spurt thing?” Mia asked waving her and at Jack showing that he had grown.

“I don’t know… guess we’ll find out.” Jack said heading for the garage.

When they got to the garage Jack got his bike down which is surprisingly light compared to how it used to be. Jack got on and he realized that he needed a bigger bike so he asked his mom if he could use his dad's bike and helmet.

“This is the first time I needed to borrow anything from my parents.” Jack said opening the garage.

“Definitely won’t be the last.” Mia said while ducking under the half open door

When they were out of the garage Robert gave Jack a high five and they were off to the creepy cathedrale that Jack did not want to go too but he had no choice.

“So do you have any idea what you're dragging me into?” Jack asked wondering if it would would be ghosts or zombies.

“No but we’ll find out won’t we.” Mia said smiling at Jack.

“CAN YOU GUYS SLOW DOWN??!!?!?” Robert yelled way behind Jack and Mia panting every time he peddled a little more.

“HEY ROBERT RACE YOU THERE” Mia said Peddling faster than she had.

“NO… DON”T... PLEASE” Robert said in the middle of panting.

“HEY THAT'S NOT FAIR THOUGH, WELL AT LEAST FOR YOU TWO, BECAUSE I’LL WIN” Jack Yelled also speeding up passing Mia.

Jack had to wait a couple of minutes before he could see Mia in the distance puffing but not giving up yet.

“What took you so long??” Jack said being funny about.

“Shut up.” Mia said punching Jack in the arm.

Even though it didn’t hurt, Jack said “Ow what was that for?”

“It was for leaving me back there.” Mia said crossing her arm and putting her best fake mad face on.

Just then Robert showed up with his face as red as a strawberry.

“What took you so long??” Jack and Mia said at the same time.
“Oh… *heavy sigh* you know… *heavy breath* just peddling… *even heavier sigh*.” Robert said between breaths.

“So where do we start.” Jack said while Mia picked up a stick.

“Oh you know just look around.” Mia said examining the stick.

“Why do you need a stick?” Jack asked confused.

“I don’t know I’ll add it to my collection.” Mia said with a smirk.

All the time Jack was standing outside of the Cathedral he never noticed how creepy it was with the stone brick wall covered with some moss, and the stained windows on the outside. When Jack stepped in front of the door he saw a ripped piece of black clothing. He picked it up and examined it when Mia called for him to check this out. When he was walking down the steps he heard a click. When he looked back he didn’t see any changes so he kept walking.

“Hurry up Jack it's cool!!” Mia said just around the corner.

“What what.” Jack said when he turned the corner.

“There's a red stain on the wall it almost looks like blood.” Mia said pointing at the spot with blood.

“Why would there be blo…” Jack was interrupted by a scream.

“ROOOBERT!!!!” Mia yelled running to the direction of the scream.

When they got to the location the saw Robert laying on the ground.

“Robert!!!” Mia said running to him.

Jack got to Robert and flipped him around and felt his pulse.

“Hes fine but why is he unconscious?” Jack said examining Roberts body.

“Look there's a mark on his head like a bruise.” Mia said touching it.

“Ahhhhh” Robert said sitting up straight like he just had a nightmare.

Jack grabbed him on his shoulders.

“What happened who did this to you???” Jack said shaking him so he would pay attention.

“I don’t know I just remember looking at the cathedral and turning around to a fist in the face.

“Well that's probably a signal for us to leave.” Jack said worried.

Then a loud bang shook the ground and Mia screamed. Everyone ducked and stayed there until they heard footsteps coming toward them.

“Move move.” Jack whispered pointing toward the back of the Cathedrale.

The murphy twins were able to get behind and away from the Cathedrale. But then Jack felt a hand on his collar and was being dragged back. He grabbed edge of the Cathedral and pulled himself away from the intruder. But Jack could not keep his grip so he kicked the person's leg and freed himself. Then he felt a fist jamming on his ribs but it did not affect him much.  

“Jack!!!” Yelled Mia bringing the stick she picked up hitting the guy in the back. The person went down hard and didn’t get up but when Jack flipped the hood open no one was inside. Jack jumped back in shock.

“AHHH” Jack yelled as he stepped into another person's arms.

Then Jack heard Robert yelling duck. When he did he heard a bang and robert flying over head on his bicycle. Then Jack felt a pain in his head and saw blackness and the damp green grass on his skin and Mia yelling “Jack”...

“Don’t worry boys are tougher than girls he’ll get up sooner than you did when you got a concussion.”

“Oh I think he's waking up.”

“JACK JACK are you ok??”

“I’m up i’m up.” Jack said waving his hands at Mia.

“I thought you died for a minute there.” Mia said hugging Jack.

“That's what you get for thinking.” Jack said with smirk.

“HEY THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!” Mia yelled punching his arm.

“Shhhhhhhhh they might still be here we have to leave.” Jack said getting up.

“I guess you're right but at least let me look in a window.” Mia said pointing a

window she knew jack could lift her too.

“Fine but only for a second.” Jack said holding up his index finger.

“Ok… lift me up.” Said trotting toward the window.

When Jack lifted her by the window Mia said she saw Three guys standing by a big stone brick alter. Then she ducked really fast almost falling from Jack's arms.


“Hey calm down I'm gonna drop you.” Jack said lifting her up by the window again.

“No bring me down we have to go they saw me.” Mia said jumping out of Jack's grip.

“Ok you guys go around the back I’ll be right behind you guys.” Jack said pushing them toward the back of the cathedrale.

“Ok be careful this time.” Mia said turning her back.

“I will just go.” Jack said pushing robert behind him.

“Also don’t came for me if i'm a bit late I’ll catch up. Don’t worry.” Jack said.

“What if your not behind us for like five minutes?” Robert said with a worried glance

Before Jack could answer a flash of silver past him barely missing Roberts face. Before anyone could say anything, Jack pushed Robert to run behind the cathedrale away from the three men that were darting toward Jack. When Jack started to run too. Another silver thing hit him in the leg then he realized what it was. A “knife”. Then it hit him literally hit him. A fist came in a punched him in the face. Then it was black.

“I don’t see Jack anywhere and it been like four minutes now.” Robert said to mia who shared his worried face.

“I know we should go back and see what he's doing.” Mia said turning around pedaling harder and faster.

When they got back they didn’t see Jack anywhere but a faint trail of blood leading toward the door.

“I’m going to guess he's in there“ Robert said pointing toward the door

“It's open come on. Hurry!” Mia said running in Yelling for the men to STOP.

“GET THEM!” said the knife holding hooded person.

As soon as the words came off the person's tongue the other two people came rushing at Robert and Mia.


Mia held out the stick she found and whacked the first person in the head with all of her strength. The other person ran straight for robert, Mia tossed him the stick and stabbed the guy in the stomach. The man fell to the holding his stomach with bloody hands. The last person yelled with fury as he ran towards the children knife in hand. Then the man stopped  yelped and fell to the ground. Jack was standing behind him with his fist raised in the air.

“Dang that guy had a hard head.” Jack said smiling at Mia and Robert.

Mia ran and hugged him knocking Jack to the ground, but she didn’t care she just wanted to hug him.


She stopped though when she heard him yelp.

“Sorry.” Mia said jumping off of Jack remembering the trail of blood.

“No it’s not your fault one of them stabbed me in the leg.” Jack said hopping up.

“You're not getting away from me!!!” Said the hooded person running toward them with a knife.

“RUUUNN!!!” Jack yelled toward the door.

(Warning you are getting extreme deja vu)

Jack was running with a limp to the big wooden doors thinking in his head “This was a bad idea, this was a bad idea. But at least Mia and Robert are running right behind him. Robert with a bruised face and an open screaming mouth yelling “WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!!!!!” and Mia trying to shut him up with her little stick she found outside Saying “I THOUGHT YOU SAID BOYS ARE TOUGHER THAN GIRLS!!!”. But they all had one thing in mind “Keep running”. They were running away from the black hooded person with their knife in hand chasing the children down the red isle.

When they made sure they made it out alive they closed the door and heard a bang with the silver blade of a knife sticking through the door. They ran to their bike when the heard the door open. When they got to their bikes they heard stomping footsteps behind them.


“How can you ride your bike little boy.” said the person running toward them.

“Like this!” Jack said jumping on his bike and riding away.


Mia and Robert were close behind. When they made sure they lost him they stopped to take a breather.

“Well that was… exciting.” Mia said sarcastically.

“Yeah well I wonder why he came after us.” Jack said looking back the way they came.

“I don’t think he came after us because they would of dragged me inside when they knocked me out.” Robert said pointing at the bruise on his head.

“You think he only wanted me… why?” Jack said with a curious look.

“I don’t know but do you wanna find out? Come on Let's head home.” Mia said starting to ride again.

Jack sat there for another couple seconds and thought. He thought about what he's going to do if one of the people found him. He thought about how he was going to tell his parents. He thought about if he would forget about what happened the day. He just thought…

The End...

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