Coincidence or Destiny

by Gabriella, Age 13 , Grade 8, Somis School, Somis, CALIFORNIA USA
Teacher: Mrs.Gass

Chapter 1

“Wake up Laura, you’re going to be late to work,” said Laura’s mom.

“Ok, ok mom, I’ll get up right now.” said Laura.

“Uh, today I don’t have a good feeling, I feel like something really bad is going to happen,” thought Laura to herself.  

Laura was a young girl who was 22 years old, with hazel eyes, brown hair, and was studying to be a vet. She was working in a part time job at Smart & Final. She is a very supportive person. She is very nice, kind, and helpful. Laura is the only child. Well, she thinks she is. Her mom’s name is Sandra. She is a stay at home mom, has brown eyes that sparkle with many colors of gold when the sun hits them, and has blackish, brownish long hair. She has never worked a day in her life. When Sandra told Laura to hurry up, she knew that Laura always takes a long time to get dressed. The clock was ticking, the hours were going by, and Laura wasn’t ready yet!

“Laura, didn’t I tell you to hurry up or what!” said Sandra.

“Yes, I’ll be down in just a minute mom.”

“Ok, but you have to hurry. You only have half an hour to get to work, and it takes you 20 minutes to get there,” said Sandra.

“Ok, bye mom, have a good day,” yelled Laura already going out the door.

“Wait, wait, wait, come here so I can bless you,” yelled Sandra from far away.

“Ok, let me just get my car keys. Ok, bye mommy.” yelled Laura going out the door.

“Bye, take care of yourself.” said Sandra.

She closed the door. When she looked at the clock, she only had 22 minutes, so she had to hurry. When she was making the turn to get in the freeway, another car was getting in the street and they crashed. “BANG” was the sound of when they crashed. Laura thought it was the other guy’s fault, but when she thought that, it was in the middle of the city. So, everyone was watching, and people started crying because they knew that it was a big crash. All you heard was ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and two tow trucks.

Chapter 2

“Ding,” was the noise when the police got to Laura’s house to tell Sandra about what had happened to Laura when she was going to work. When Sandra opened the door to see who it was, she got really nervous and asked about it.

“Hello, is something wrong, or why are you here?” said Sandra.

“Is this Sandra Hernandez?” asked one of the police officers.

“ Yes, is something wrong?” said Sandra.

“Well yes, something is wrong, and I’m afraid to tell you that your daughter, Laura Hernandez, got in a car accident, and right now she is being treated at the hospital,”said the officer.  Sandra started to cry,

“What happened? Is she okay? Did she wake up, what happened?” Sandra asked desperately.

“Calm down. Everything is going to be fine if the ambulance gets there on time,” said the officer.

“And I hope it will. Can I go with her?” said Sandra.

“Yes, do you have a car, or do we need to take you? There is no problem with us,” said asked the officer.

“No, no, it’s okay, I’ll go on my own car, but thanks though.” said Sandra.

“You’re welcome.” said the officer, and left the house.

At first, when Sandra got to the hospital, she was really anxious to see Laura, and once she saw her, she knew that Laura wasn’t in good condition, because when Sandra called her, and said, “Laura wake up, it’s me mommy,” Laura didn’t wake up, nor did she make any noise. Months passed, and Laura still didn’t wake up, and Sandra was anxious to see her daughter.

“Laura, please speak to me. Say something at least like hi, or make a noise, please.” But Laura still didn’t make any noise. When Sandra sat still for a minute, she finally asked herself, “Where is the guy that crashed into my daughter? Is he in the hospital, did he run away for a reason?” At first, Sandra thought that he was also in the hospital, so when she went down to the front of the hospital, and wanted to ask if the guy was there, she realized that she didn’t know what the guy’s name was or anything about him. So she stopped for a second when she was already heading there, and had to go back to the room where Laura was.

Weeks passed, and finally the guy that crashed Laura wanted to finally know who he had crashed on, and what her name was and everything. So he decided to go to the police station and ask for her picture, name and where she was.

“Hello, how may I help you?” asked one of the police officers.

“Well my name is Juan Hernandez, and a couple of months ago, I had a car crash, with another person, but I don’t know anything about them, and I would like to know if you know where they are, or in what state of health they are in.” Juan pointed out.

“Well what you can do is go a little back to the case, but first you will have to tell me where the accident was and at what time,” explained the officer.

“Yes, I would do anything to find out what happened to this person,” said Juan desperately.

“Ok, now where about was the car crash?”asked the officer.

“ It was in, 4857, East Carmen street, Camarillo California, 93010,” explained Juan.

“ Ok, now about what time was the accident?” said the police officer.

“It was about like 9:35 a.m.”

“Ok, do you know anything about this person? Was this person female or male?”

“No, I don’t know anything about his person yet, but that is what I am trying to find out, because I feel really bad, because for some reason, I think that I was the one that started this car crash.”

“Well OK, I got all the details about the accident, so all you have to do is, wait and if we find something out, we will call you.”

“OK, thank you very much officer, nice to meet you.”

“You are welcome, nice to meet you also.”

Weeks passed, and Juan still didn;t know anything about the person that he crashed. Finally the day came, and the officer finally called Juan, and said that he finally got where they were in the hospital. When Juan heard that they were still in the hospital, he got scared and rapidly asked where they were so he could go and see in what stage they were in, and what their name was. When the officer told him the name of the person, he felt that he knew who this person was, so he got in a bus. since the car crashed, he had to take public transportation. When he got to the hospital, he had this feeling that something was going to happen, but he didn't know if something good was going to happen, or something bad. When he asked for the name, and gave him the bracelet to go, he found Sandra there. “Do I know you?” asked Sandra.

“Well, I think I have seen you before.” said Sandra.

“Me too,” said Juan.

“Is this Laura Hernandez?” asked Juan.

“Yes, are you the person that got in the car crash with her?” asked Sandra.

“Yes, and I’m here because when I got in the car crash with her,” said Juan.

“Tell me if I’m wrong but, but I think that you look like my son, who ran away when he was 18 years old,” said Sandra.

“Well, I did run away from home, but I don’t really remember how my family looks like, because I’m already 27 years old, so that was 9 years ago, but I don’t remember anything,” said Juan.

“Well, you do look like the boy that is on the living room wall,” said Sandra.

“Well, just to make sure that you are my mother, why don’t we go to the doctor to take a DNA test to see if you really are part of my family?” said Juan happily.

“Well sure, that won’t hurt.” said Sandra.

“Ok, well then if we are in the hospital right now, then we might as well try if we could do the test,” explained Juan.

“Well, ok let’s go,” said Sandra.

“Hello, how may I help you?” said the nurse.

“Well, we are trying to get a DNA test of the family,” explained Juan.

“Ok, all you need to do is make an appointment, and you’ll be already to go,” said the nurse.

“Ok, when can we have an appointment.” asked Juan.

“Well the doctor isn’t busy right now if you want to meet him right now,” said the nurse.

“Ok, we’ll take it right Sandra?” said Juan.

“Well sure why not,” said Sandra.

When they were on their way to the doctor’s room, they were talking to each other about how the accident happened, and who was the one who caused the accident. When Sandra asked who was the one who caused the accident, Juan said that when he was crossing the road, he didn’t see that the light was on red, because he was distracted. He was on the phone with his girlfriend, and Laura was passing because she was going to get on the freeway. He was also going to go to the freeway, but he was in a hurry because he was the one who was supposed to open the shop.

“Oh, my god, so you were on a hurry also Juan?” asked Sandra.

“Well yes, was Laura in a hurry also?” asked Juan.

“Yes, she was going to work at Smart & Final,” said Sandra.

“We’ll talk about that later, now we have to focus on the DNA test,” said Juan.

“Alright,” said Sandra.

When they go to the room, they were both nervous and were holding each other's hands because of how nervous they were.

“Hello, my name is Doc. Mcstuffins, and I’m here to give your DNA test,” said Doc. Mcstuffins.

“Hello, my name is Juan Hernandez,” said Juan.

“Hello my name is Sandra Hernandez,” said Sandra.

“Well, I think that you guys are family, because you both have the same last name, what a coincidence ha.” said Doc. Mcstuffins.

Weeks passed, and Laura still didn’t react. Finally the day came, when Doc. Mcstuffins was going to give the DNA test to Sandra and Juan, they were both really anxious to see what the results were. When they got to the doctor’s room, they were holding each other's hands.

“Ok, now I got the results, and it says,” the Doctor was checking the paper, “...that you are………….a family!!” screamed Doc. Mcstuffins.

Sandra and Juan started screaming with excitement.

“YES YES YES ……..we are a family Juan, now, we have to keep it a secret just between us, ok, just until Laura gets home, and then we could explain all that happened to us, while Laura was in a coma,” screamed out Sandra.

“Yes, now let’s get back to see how Laura is doing,” said Juan.

“Ok, let's go,” said Sandra.

While Juan was getting something for Sandra and for himself to eat down at the cafeteria, Sandra got into Laura’s room. She noticed that Laura kind of wanted to open her eyes.

“Juan, Juan, come here look at Laura, hurry up!” Sandra screamed.

“Wait, wait, I’m going I got..” he stopped when he saw that Laura was opening her eyes.

“Mom, what happened when I was down at the cafeteria?” he asked

“Well, when I came in, I saw that Laura was trying to open her eyes, but I wanted you to see what she was doing so I screamed,” explained Sandra.

“Mom...ah, who is this guy that just called you mom?”asked Laura.

Sandra remembered what she had told Juan, just after they took the DNA, so she decided to say, “Um, he didn’t call me mom, he called me Sandra, right Juan?”asked Sandra.

“Um, right.” answered Juan.

“But mom, I could've sworn that he just called you mom.” said Laura.

“No, no it's ok, he called me Sandra sweetie.” said Sandra nicely.

“Ok, but who is this guy named Juan?” asked Laura.

“Oh, well honey, this is the guy that crashed into you. Do you remember?” asked Sandra.

“Well, I can barely remember just getting out the house, and feeling that something wasn’t going to go right, and that’s all that I remember,” said Laura.

“Well either way, he was the one, and he was here to see how you were doing,” said Sandra.

“Well thank you for coming to see how I was doing,” said Laura to Juan.

“You’re welcome,” said Juan.

“Well, mom, can I get out of the hospital? I already want to see my dog,” said Laura.

“Let me go tell the doctor that you already woke up to see what they say,” said Sandra.

“Ok mom, but hurry up. I already want to leave,” said Laura.

“Ok, ok, I’m going,” said Sandra.

When Sandra went to go tell the doctor that Laura already woke up, Juana said that he wanted to go with her to talk about Laura, about when they were going to tell her. When Sandra and Juan went to go tell the doctor that Laura had already woke up, and wanted to see what they were going to do with her. Laura stayed alone thinking what she was going to do after she left the hospital. She was thinking that she was going to start to sue Juan now that she knows how crashed her, and who the blame was for. When Laura told Sandra what she was thinking of doing, since Sandra doesn’t want to tell Laura that Juan was her brother, she said, “Well, honey, You don’t really have to sue him. All you can do is you can work things out with him,” said Sandra.

“But, mom if I win, I don’t have to pay for the hospital, and if I don’t go to court then we will have to pay everything.” explained Laura.

“Well, yes, but, never mind.” said Sandra.

“What do you mean never mind, what were you going to tell me?” asked Laura.

“I said never mind, sweetie.” said Sandra.

“Ok, but I know that you were going to tell me something, but you just don’t want to tell me, is that it?” asked Laura.

“No,” said Sandra slowly.

When Sandra said no slowly, Laura knew that her mom was hiding something, so she kept on bothering her about what she was hiding, but Sandra kept saying that she wasn’t hiding anything.

“Well, anywho, Doc. Mcstuffins said that we can take you home now,” said Sandra happily.

“Yes, now I can see my doggy Rocky!” screamed Laura.

“Laura calm down, I know you want to see Rocky, but we still have to pack all of my clothes that I brought, these couple of months.” said Sandra.

“Ok mom, but you have to hurry up because I can’t wait to see Rocky,” said Laura.

“Ok, ok I’m going,” said Sandra.

Meanwhile, when Sandra was packing her bags, Laura was talking to Juan about the car crash, and how it happened. When Juan asked Laura where she was going the day of the car crash, Laura said that she was late to work, and also because she was kind of distracted. In the morning, she had this feeling that something bad was going to happen, so that is why she was kind of distracted. When Lura told Juan that she was late to work, Juan said that he was also late to work and that he was also distracted, because he  was on the phone when he crashed. When Juan told Laura that he was on the phone, Laura told Juan that he should get a ticket for bring on the phone while driving, because that is really dangerous. When Juan was talking to Laura, he tried not to talk like a brother to her like, being caring and stuff like that.

“Ok, I’m packed now. We can go,” said Sandra.

“Ok, let me just go to the restroom really fast,” said Laura.

When Laura left to go to the restroom, Juan and Sandra decided to talk about when they were going to tell Laura that they were a family, and how this all happened. When they were talking about that, Juan asked Sandra, “Mom, where is my dad, did he leave us when we were little?” asked Juan.

“Well, when you were 5 years old, you’re dad decided to run away and take you, but when your dad left the house, he decided to go, but then 2 weeks after, Laura was born.” explained Sandra.

“Ok, I’m back now, we can go!” screamed Laura.

When they got home, Laura rapidly went to the back of the house to see her dog, Rocky. When Laura came in the house, she noticed that Juan was gone, and her mom was the only one there, so she decided to tell her mom if she can go to the courte to make a claim about the car crash. Sandra at first said no, but then since she didn’t want Laura to know that Juan was her brother, she decided to say yes, and Laura went to the court. They got to the court and they had to do all the steps. So first, they had to look for a lawyer, so when Laura got her lawyer, she had to show evidence to the lawyer, so then he can now the lawyer can show that evidence, so in case they win, the other person or insurance has to pay for the damage, but that takes a long time. Meanwhile, Sandra is trying to get to the point where she tells Laura that Juan is her brother and that Sandra does have 2 kids.

“Ok, Laura I really have to tell you something, and it is about Juan, you, and me-” the phone cut her off.

“Ring, ring, ring.” the phone was ringing and it was the court.

“Hello . . . . . yes . . . . .  this is her . . . . .  yes . . . . .  thank you very much,” said Laura answering the phone.

“Mom, it was the court and they said that we have to go tomorrow to see what they said,” explained Laura.

The court is, “And, what was that you were going to tell me?” asked Laura.

“Oh, nothing, uh, I was just going to tell you that . . hopefully the court called you today,” said Sandra

“Ok, I’ve got to go tell Juan if he can go tomorrow, but he still has to go either way. I’m fighting against him. Can you call him to see if he can come over today?” asked Laura.

“Ok, but...,” said Sandra.

“But what?” asked Laura.

“Never mind Laura,” said Sandra.

“Ok, but if you ever want to tell me something, just know that I’m here,” said Laura.

“Thank, but you go on do your things,” said Sandra.

When Sandra told Laura that she needed to tell something to Laura, but didn't tell her, Laura knew that something wasn’t going good, and that she was hiding something from her, but Laura decided to let it go until her mom really wants to tell her now.

The day was here, and finally Laura was happy that she was going to the court. So, she got up went to do her needs, and when she was done, she went down to ask her mom.

“Mom, do you want to come with me to the courte? I would really like you to come, so you can see that I do win.” asked Laura.

“Well, sure. Let me just get my purse, and I’ll be right down,” said Sandra.

“I don’t really like this idea of going to the court and see my two kids fighting with each other,” thought Sandra to herself.

When they got in the car off to the court, Laura noticed that Sandra was pretty distracted.

“Mom, are you ok?” asked Laura.

“Hello mom, I’m talking to you,” said Laura once again.

“Uh, uh were you talking to me Laura?” asked Sandra.

“Yes, I called you twice and you didn’t answer to me until; I waced my hand in front of your face,” explained Laura.

“I’m sorry. I’m a little distracted today honey,” said Sandra.

“Uh, just a little?” asked Laura.

“Well, maybe just a little more than a little distracted,” said Sandra.

When they got to the court, Laura was a little nervous about what the judge would say. When Laura went to go talk to Juan about it, they noticed that Sandra was gone. When Sandra was gone, she was talking to the judge about something, and it really looked like the judge was surprised. The court finally started, but before anything, the judge wanted to present the prosecutor and the defender. He said, “I would like to present Laura Hernandez, and Juan Hernandez, well what a coincidence, are you guys brother and sister?” asked the judge.

“No, not that I know of,” said Juan respectfully.

“What do you mean Juan?” asked Laura.

“Well, mom told me to not tell you, but I am you brother, remember the little kid that was on the living room wall?” asked Juan.

“Well yes, finally I have a brother!!!” screamed Laura

“Don’t worry, I will not do this court anymore, case cancelled.” said Laura.

“But Laura-” said Juan.

“No, Juan I’m your sister, and I want to be nice.” said Laura.

“Thank you Juan, for telling Laura, and Laura, that that is what I wanted to tell you a long time ago.” said Sandra crying.

When Sandra started crying, Juan, and Laura started to cry also. Once they left the court, they went of the house to explain everything to Laura that happened in the last years. Laura was really surprised that her mom didn’t tell Laura anything about that she had another brother. When Laura asked her mom why she didn’t tell her, Sandra said that because she thought that they were never going to come back.

“But mom, you should of told me?” asked Laura.

“Well I never knew this was going to happen,” said Sandra.

“Never mind mom, all that I’m happy of, is that he is my brother, and now I have someone strong that can defend me whenever I need help,” said Laura.

“Well, since I didn’t tell you anything Laura, why don’t we all go to the ice cream shop, it's all on me guys.”

“Thanks mom, I love you,” said Laura.

“I love you both,” said Juan.

The End!

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