judging of others

by nour s., Age 14 , Grade 8, German international school of Beirut, Beirut USA
Teacher: Mrs. eunsil lee

Racism affects people’s life

Without them noticing

You could once be on top of the world

But once someone opens their mouth

You fall back to the world you know of

The words are like spells being casted on you

And every spell makes you fall in pain

When someone walks in the street

They walk in fear, for they now that beyond their house

It’s a world full of hatred and cruelty

No one ever gets by without hatred

Flooding out of others’ mouths

No one may understand the reasons for this

No one tries to change the beings of others

Without the true knowing of the reasons they do this

Without the understanding of the stories of others

No one will change if you are not willing to change.

People may have hatred in themselves but it doesn’t

Mean to describe them to others in the hatred full of cruelty.

We may have different colors different reasons but it doesn’t mean

We can treat each other with no love and hatred

When we can learn from each other

And show the reason of love and caring. 

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