Animal abuse

by Ayasofia T., Age 14 , Grade 8
Teacher: Eunsel Lee

Society will say that they are just “animals”, but they are much more than that.

Most people buy them because they are cute

Most people buy them to take pictures and post on social media

Most people just buy them and not give them the love they deserve,

They have souls too

They can see too

They can breathe too

They can walk too

They can speak too

Only because they are in a different shape and form does not mean we should abuse them.

We buy them to take care of them, to give them a home, to give them the love they deserve and not to ignore them.

A dog is the only living thing that loves you more than it loves itself,

and would give its life for you in a heartbeat.

You cannot treat them like nothing because they treat you like your everything.

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