New York City

by Mingaang P., Age 13 , Grade 7
Teacher: Brandon Hill

‘Mingaang Park



New York: Poem

To use the word “exhilarating” for New York, is an understatement

There is no hint of borders or enslavement

New York is a city that never falls before the sun

The people have a passion for their city that’s second to none

The city is filled with smoke and that means a lot

Sometimes so thick as a fresh cotton blanket

It ain’t no joke don’t even give it a thought

It makes the air as thick as a banquette

Now smoke isn’t good for us or the sky

It took too long for someone to ask why

The buses boom and the atmosphere grows darker

This is the city that grew Peter Parker

He got bit by a spider and almost kicked the can

And would most likely never talk again

But the story we know is when he turned to spider man

He’ll even give an autograph just give him a pen

Now back to the point New York is not known for its negativity

Its traveled to, just for the Lady Liberty!

It can’t be seen on the standard globe

Neither can it be spotted from an orbiting probe

But there is no pride in seeing from space

Because on land this city gets in your face

The sounds of taxis and voices are insane

I do not think that you could hear a plane

As the end of this poem is drawing near

And listening or reading it is a pain in the rear

You're walking away with a perspective of New York City

While if you left early you would leave in a pity

Now the poem is actually coming to a close

Stand in front of the Lady Liberty and strike a pose!


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