by Tony, Age 12 , USA
Teacher: Brandon Hill

Imperito - Free Verse Poem

In the soaring granite peaks,

In the valley mantled green;

Rites beginning in the creeks

The hero becomes eighteen.

Rose to the crown at twenty,

The man prodigiously leads.

Resources, trade aplenty,

He is a Diomedes.

The man, lively, twenty-six,

Met a future Minnie Mouse.

Faster than the flowing Styx

She became the idol’s spouse.

She bore him many children;

Seven with high, high spirits.

Their profits past a billion

In battle they are fearless.

Now a man of thirty-two

Leads a calm society.

Villains seeking to accrue

Invade past propriety.

The hero defends his lands

Tenacious like a lion.

Rival squads dead at his hands

Shoots better than Orion.

Decades of war at last yields

The invaders back away.

The kingdom once with lush fields

Now has no gold to display.

Relentlessly, the king works

To get his realm on its feet.

Begins to build trade networks

His work’s always incomplete.

Now the man, aged fifty-four,

Has regain his kingdom’s valor.

None in the empire’s poor,

All bards know the kingdom’s lore.

The king, almost eighty-four,

Needs to name his kingdom’s heir.

His first son he does implore

“Will you sit on the chair?”

The king’s firstborn son agreed.

Elated, the king declared;

“Let us feast on meat and mead.

My son’s rule can’t be impaired!”

His vigor is now deceased;

His limbs are shriveled branches.

As his lifetime is decreased

His body and hair blanches.

Death comes to him as he sleeps.

He’s lost all fear of dying;

Off to heaven the hero sweeps

His legacy is undying.

The humans have some strong leaders

But the evil simmers below.

If we save epics for the readers

We make a massive afterglow.

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