Christopher Columbus Script

by Aiden, Age 14 , Grade 8, Model Laboratory School, Richmond, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Travis Marcum

Aiden: Christopher

Nick: Crew member

Evan: Random Native American with no name

Harrison: Spanish King

H: ¨Can I have a cheese sandwich please?¨

A: ¨If you let me go to India and get you some spices, it will make your sandwich better.¨

H: ¨Okay, but only if you bring me some spices, and hot sauce too.¨

A: ¨Alright then, you are very wealthy, why don't you let me have some money for the journey.¨

H: How much will you need?¨

A: ¨All of it.¨

H: ¨I’m sorry, but I can't do that.¨

A: ¨Aw dang.¨


A: Are you tired of your cheese sandwiches being too boring and dull?!

E: Yes!

A: Too bad!

H: And now back to our Disney Channel movie: Christopher the murderer!

Aiden stabs Harrison and takes the money

H: *Gasp What are you doing?
A: Taking your money! And you aren't getting a cheese sandwich either!

H *grasping for air Aw dang!

Aiden steals the king’s crown and exits the building and leaves on his stolen ship


N: Hey Christopher, when will we hit land?

A: I don’t know, sometime soo-


A: Well, it looks like we hit shore.

N:You think?

A: Alright, just be quiet.

N: *Grumble *Grumble.


E: Hello there my friends, what can I do for you today?

A: What!? There are already people here? God must have blessed us, don’t you think George?

N: Yes, I believe God has blessed us.

E: Anyway, what can I do for you?

A: What kind of food do you all have here?

E: Food? Well we have corn, wheat, cows, bison, and even chicken.

A: thought bubble( after i get food and a house i can make them slaves)

E: Come over here, to my village. There is food and shelter.

A: Ok I will.

N: Yeah, let's go.

The Native American shows them to their longhouse and give them plenty of food.

A: thought bubble ( I will get the Native American into my hut and trap him.)

  Next Day

E: good morning

A: good morning, can you come to my longhouse for a second I need to ask you something.

E: ok

When evan got in the house aiden blocked the entrance.

E:what are you doing

A:I'm locking you in here and keeping you as a slave. I will make good profit off these. If you try to get away I will kill you.

Aiden then put handcuffs on Evan

A: I will get the ship ready. When I get back I will be so famous and rich. Hahaha

The end

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