Desert Fox

by Caleb, Age 14 , Grade 8, RIchmond, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Travis Marcum

Desert Fox

The desert sand skiffed about,

For miles and miles upon end

It seemed to never run out


Until one day the sand would be broken

By the new animal to the lands,

The sand now seemed in the desert foxes hands


Every movement,mirage, and dune

Would be checked twice just for good measure

In case the tigers of the fox waited with pleasure


The fox was an interesting creature

Each moment it was seen,

It gained a new feature


People thought it was abandoned by the world

But it had a different view,

That the world had never took you


After years of trying to root the fox

Hope seemed all but lost,

Until one day the sands began again


For the fox had gone and left no trace,

Except for the thoughts

Pictured on its face


Now after the years have gone by

Some would try what the fox had done

But they all failed one by one


Then again desert sand skiffed about,

For miles and miles upon end

It never ran out.


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