Agrumentive essay

by Bryson p., Age 14 , Grade 8

Dear Editor,

For a lot of people in America, and other parts of the world, competitive youth sports are their life. I am not joking about this either, I have seen so many parents carting their kids everywhere, paying very expensive fees, and expecting their kids to be the best player ever in that sport. But, youth sports are beneficial too .Youth sports have a positive outcome on students because they help kids work hard, to never give up, and determination.

According to “Are Some Youth Sports too intense”? By Katherine Schulten,

Youth sports have been great for Lisa catherine Harper’s  Daughter. First of all she states why do this? Why spend thousands of dollars a year, losing family time, and  after school  time to compete in youth sports? She says that the benefits outweigh the costs. There are the platitudes of winning, and the lessons on teamwork, then there are real  rewards of a sport which are only visible throughout many seasons. Then she states, “no child succeeds unless he or she wants to. Fewer survive, and very few thrive. - all because of parental will.” This means that when a child does a youth sport, they have to work hard to be good. A lot of children don’t work hard to be the best player they can be, so they just don’t get better.

According to “ How parents are ruining youth sports” by Jay Atkinson, he says that parents are ruining youth sports, and  that kids childhood. In the article it tells a story on two six year olds , and older men that were friends. Well, they used to be friends. Ever since one of children did not make it on the mite team, the men or children haven’t spoken since then. That is the negative of this. Why even have 6 year olds playing on a team, and getting cut? I do not understand this either.


In my opinion, youth sports are good. As a participant, I really enjoy the competitiveness, and you get to play against really good players. On my AAU team, we play against very good teams, then sometimes we play against not so good teams. When we play in big tournaments, the games get intense, parents scream and yell, and even threaten some people. When it gets really bad, fans get thrown out of the game.

But, I still love it. When I first started, I was not very good. But that made me work harder to help me become the player I am today. If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best. But don’t ever stop working hard, because if you do, you will fall behind tremendously.

As can be seen, I have shown you that youth sports have a positive affect students. Hard work, dedication, never give up are taught.That is why youth sports are great.



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