The Haunted Lighthouse

by colton c., Age 14 , Grade 8, Model Labratory School, Richmond, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Marcum


The Haunted Lighthouse

By:Colton Collier

Sparky the lighthouse sits on the peninsula of Belala, Newspain. All the sailors love Sparky. On foggy nights when it’s hard to see, Sparky shows the way. One night something went terribly wrong and a disaster resulted.

On the night of the disaster there was a terrible storm. There was fog, rain, lightning, and heavy winds making it impossible to see anything. Captain Cecil was trying to get his boat to the docks of New Spain. He knew rocks big as life were near him that could easily sink his beloved ship, the S.S. Sea Cow.

Captain Cecil was a nice man. He lived right off the coast of New Spain. Most of the little town loved him. He was a fisherman that that supplied fish to the local stores and restaurants. Sparky usually showed Cecil the way to the docks on foggy or stormy nights.

On this stormy night Sparky wasn’t on like normal. Cecil phoned Jeremiah the lighthouse keeper. The phone rang and rang but no one picked up.

           However the lighthouse still turned on. The bright light landed right on the bow of the S.S. Seacow blinding Captain Cecil. The light beam quickly moved to the water in front of the vessel. Captain Cecil put the vessel in gear and followed the light. After following the light for a little while the light came right upon the window of his cockpit. This of course startled Cecil. He couldn't see a thing.

           Cecil heard the awfulest noise ever. It sounded like metal being torn apart. Then he realized what had happened. He hit the huge rocks! Cecil immediately had a sick feeling in his stomach.

           Quickly Cecil put on his coat and ran outside to the deck. He opened the door to the engine room and stepped in. He walked towards the front of the engine room. His feet turned cold. Cecil looked down and his feet were submerged in two feet of water.

           Again Cecil went to the deck and looked out to the side of the boat to see if he could see land. He didn't see anything so he ran to the other side of the vessel. On his way he noticed that Sparky’s light was out. Something didn't seem right.

           Cecil saw land on the other side of the boat. He quickly ran into the cabin and grabbed a life jacket. He went back to the deck where he could see land and he jumped.

           He landed about eight feet down on hard rocks. He laid there for a second and waited for the pain in his legs to fade out. When they did he turned around and watch the vessel submerge into the water.

           The ship sank about halfway and then stopped. Cecil knew his boat was destroyed beyond repair. He sat and waited for daylight to come. When the other fishing vessels started heading out he would waved one down.

           Cecils good friend Roberto pulled up to the rocks as close as he could. Cecil jumped in the water and swam to Roberto’s boat the Gimini Cricket. Roberto helped Cecil board the vessel. “What happened to you. Come inside and get food”. As Cecil ate his bowl of microwaved chicken noodle soup he informed Roberto about the night before. Roberto’s mouth hung open after Cecil finished.

           The Gemini Cricket pulled up to the dock and the workers helped Roberto and Cecil dock the boat. “We need to check and make sure Jeremiah is okay” first Cecil informed Roberto. “Jeremiah left three days ago to go on vacation with his family” Roberto told Cecil. “Well then who's running the lighthouse?”. “No one was supposed to be in place of Jeremiah since the forecast was clear for the next week” Roberto stated.

           Roberto and Cecil set off on Lighthouse Lane, the road leading to the lighthouse. When they arrived Jeremiah's car was gone as expected, but there were tracks in the wet, muddy mess of a driveway. “It was dry when Jeremiah left so his car couldn't have made these” Roberto said. “These would have had to have been made last night” said Cecil.

           When Cecil and Roberto arrived at the town's gas station to refill Roberto's truck Cecil went inside to use the phone. He called Jeremiah and the phone picked up after a couple rings.

           “Jeremiah this is Cecil” Cecil said. Cecil went on to inform Jeremiah of the incident. Cecil’s eyes got big. Roberto turned around just in time to see Cecil scream into the phone then hang it up.

           “What was that about Cecil?” Roberto asked as Cecil closed the truck door. “Head to the lighthouse I'll explain on the way” Cecil responded.

           “Jeremiah was trying out a stupid idea that a computer and camera could run the light house. He came up with the idea so he could go on vacation more often. So he decided to try it out while he was gone”. “That does sound stupid” Roberto interrupted.

           “According to Jeremiah his computer must have glitched. That must have been why the light blinded me” Cecil told Roberto.

           “Well then tell me this” Roberto said “What caused those tire tracks?”. “Jeremiah said he sent his light house keeper in training, Tony Jr.,  to the lighthouse to check on the system just before it got dark. He must have left the light house right before the crash happened”

           “Good I thought something fishy was going on” Roberto said. “Me too” Cecil replied. “Jeremiah said he would buy me a new boat and never use that computer system again”. “Well good because I don't want to end up like you, without a boat” Roberto said with a laugh. “Haha” Cecil said back with smirk.

           Cecil got his new boat and was excited about it. Roberto never did trust a light house again in fear of being harmed. Jeremiah didn't lose any of his good reputation. So overall everyone turned out okay in the little island of New Spain

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