by Milin, Age 13 , Model Laboratory School, Richmond, KY USA
Teacher: Travis Marcum


“Oh my gosh! Look at this”, shouted Dr. Steve Stevenson to his friends and partners, John Johnson and Erik Erikson(a Swedish born immigrant). These three worked for a top secret agency in Boston,Massachusetts for scouting catastrophic events that could lead to major destruction and stopping it.

When John and Erik looked at the computer they knew something big was going to happen, something really, really big! It was something from outer space and based on its trajectory, Erik( a Nobel Peace Prize winner in Physics) calculated it would hit Earth in two days.

“What day is it?” asked John.

May 16, 2035, so whatever this beast is it will hit us in May 18”, replied Steve. The clock had begun ticking and one big question needed to be solved, how were three men going to save the world. So the three began pondering, about if anything could help them. Immediately, Erik said,” The book Doomsday”. With this suggestion they ran to the library in their lab. After finding the book they went to the section about saving the world and on page 238 found the answer.

They had to find three historical objects: A stone from Machu Picchu, Peru, a fresco from Knossos,Crete and the Articles of Confederation from Washington D.C. In less than an hour, the three had come up with a simple plan to steal all these items in time.

Using their teleportation devices that Steve invented they left their modern,vast lab and just like that they were 8,000 feet above sea level high up in the Andes Mountains. Luckily for them, there were no tourists around on the foggy and chilly spring morning.

Erik took out the 3-D model of the ancient city that was made by a high-tech 3-D printer. With this model he used it as a map and looked at where they needed to go. Based on the model, the threesome had to go to the sacred plaza. In this plaza, was the Intihuatana, the sacred rock of the Incas that was used as a calendar.

After walking through the dewy grass and steep slopes they reached the plaza.“There it is”, said Steve, who walked closer admiring what John thought was a stone blob. “ I hope I don’t regret this” Steve quietly mumbled while taking the stone and putting it in his duffle bag. Admiring the architectural brilliance of the Incas they set their teleportation headbands to Knossos, Crete. Simultaneously, the three pressed the button on the side of their head and left as quick as they had come.

Since there was a eight hour time difference between the two cities it was six o’clock pm and the archaeological site was closing as dusk fell. “ Man this place is bad condition” said Erik describing the place accurately. “ Where do we go to get this fresco” asked Jon to Steve who was busy brushing dirt off his pants after a rough landing. “ The upper story of the east wall” replied Steve.

Together the three trekked towards their destination. In the ruins of the once magnificent palace of KIng Minos and Minoans it was easy to spot the fresco. It was one of the few remaining items that was intact and in good condition.The fresco had a frame covering it so, John and Steve took it off while Erik stood impatiently saying, “Hurry up!” at his two companions. After they took the fresco and put it with the Intihuatana. Wasting no time the three teleported back to the Stars and Stripes capital Washington D.C.

With 10 hours left until the world might get hit by a super-gigantic comet, Steve as the leader decided they should get something to eat. Erik objected saying that they shouldn’t waste any time. Steve replied an obnoxious tone, “ No it's best if we relax for a while, the Archives will be full of tourists and security officers. Plus I don’t want to pay the admission fee it’s way to overpriced”. Over a dinner of burgers and fries from from McDonald's the trip went over the plans of stealing the Article of Confederation from the National Archives. The group finally came to conclusions over a period of non-stop argument.

So, with seven hours left they went into a dark alley so nobody could see them teleport into the Archives. When it was all clear they pressed the button that teleported them. Inside the building they stealthily tiptoed towards the document not wanting to cause a problem by their noise. Using the prototype that Steve invented they were able to remove the sensor-activated frames with success and remove the document to the safety of their hands. Once they left, Erik who was holding the Articles of Confederation noticed it started getting warmer as if it were being heated. With this effect came a green eerie light along the edges.

“Look”, said Erik to the others who stood there as if they were frozen time. Breaking the silence, a deep, bold voice said,” How dare you mess with me !” Startled, the three looked around frantically for who might have said that.

In their frantic search, they didn’t notice the American Revolution style bayonet floating in the air sneaking up on them. John who turned around…” Ughhhhh” moaned as his bony body collided with the tile floor. Steve and Erik heard the body collapse and turned around just in time to see the bayonet execute his next move. Both of the men moved to the side dodging the attack as the bayonet stabbed the air. Erik who had been shaking and whose teeth were chattering fainted due to his strong fear of paranormal activities.

“Now it’s just you and me, muchacho” said the invisible ghost. Steve who was boiling with rage and anger after John’s death replied in a hasty tone saying, “ Now it's time to take you to Harambe-town”. Charging forward like an outside linebacker he tackled the invisible monster randomly. He then dragged the monster after grabbing his foot and ran like Harambe.

With the monster on the ground, he grabbed the bayonet nearby and stabbed him. The body turned into particles and like water it evaporated towards the sky leaving nothing in the spot.


With only a little under two hours left, Steve had no time to mourn the death of John and carried on to save planet Earth. He left John’s body where it was so authorities could see it, only if the world was still there. Carrying the duffel bag on his right shoulder, holding the Arles in his left hand, and dragging Erik’s unconscious body, Steve teleported back to Boston.

Once he was in the lab he rushed to the Doomsday to see the steps for making the world-saving machine. In the book, all it said was to mix all three items in a pot full of water and stir for 30 minutes exact. So he teleported to Bob’s Superstore( the best superstore in Boston) to get a large pot and three 24 watter bottle packs. After he paid at checkout he went outside and teleported back to the lab.

In the lab he poured all 72 water bottles into the large pot. During the process, he frequently checked his watch and after the step was done there was 55 minutes and four seconds until the comet would strike. He then went on to the next thing to do which was grind up the Articles of Confederation and fresco. With his hammer he struck the stone and fresco with every ounce of energy and strength like John Henry. He then teared up the Articles of Confederation vigorously.

With the pieces of torn up paper, grinded up stone and fresco he pushed the remains off the table and into the pot. With 35 minutes and 39 seconds he started to stir the ingredients like a witch. Eventually, he was too bored and started singing the words to Centuries by Fall Out Boy. He then stopped in the middle not wanting to jinx himself.

He spent the rest of the time thinking about all of the good memories hed had cherishing them like they would be lost. With four minutes left he stopped mixing the ingredients. Instead of waiting for the comet to strike he opened the roof to look for the comet. At first he didn’t see anything moving but after two minutes he saw his target. Gradually getting larger and larger the comet became as big as the Great pyramid of Giza. Hoping his hard work would pay off, he sweated as the comet came closer. “Oh my gosh!” said Steve...BOOOOM!



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