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Connfessions of a blabber mouth

by jacqueline l., Age 12 , Grade 7, lynn camp middle/high, corbin, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: mrs.boggs

This book is awesome. It has some deep stuff, plus it gives us a chance to see what we are going to face in life. I would recommend this book to a teenager like my friend Tarrah. She has a rough life, and so does this character named Tasha. Tasha has a weird life , exspecially with her mom dating this new guy that Tasha dosen't like. She also meets her moms feonceys daughter. In which her name is Cloee. Tasha told this girl that bullies her all the time, lies about Cloee. There fore , Cloee got beat by this girl for no reason. Then at the end of this book all of them became friends and family.

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