If you love me please don't ever let me go

by Adelle M., Age 14 , Grade 9

If you love me please don't ever let me go

Because one day you will

and that will be all I know

My head is away 

and your hand is in my chest

Your hand is my pulse

but my heart is still rotting

You're gone

and I'm hollow

I can feel the decay

I can feel the rain

I lay in the grass and feel the shard pierce me 

It's like I can feel your head on my shoulder 

and your hand in mine

You're the ropes pulling me down




to take me away

to leave me alone

to leave me afraid

A  brick a day keeps the cold away

from creeping in 

to decay

I build the walls 

to keep you sheltered

but you're miles away

miles away


I can feel the heat slipping

I know that he's to come

to make me walk the plank

you were my Peter Pan and my heart

but now I'm laying in the end 

and sinking into the forest

of Neverland

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