Cherry Blossoms

by Erika, Age 12 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: Mrs. Stinson

Cherry Blossoms


And every season the cherry blossoms bloom


I wish I could see those pink flowers bloom

And they’re cherries start to grow

I wish I could see them once more

Even though I’m stuck here for eternity

He keeps me smiling bright


And every season the cherry blossoms bloom


His blank eyes scare me sometimes, but he promised they weren’t real

He keeps on saying that every day

Someone out there is smiling

That there is a park where the children play

And the tree just keeps blooming

He looks out the window and describes everything to me

But on this September, I did not hear his voice

And he was removed from the room


And every season the cherry blossoms bloom


My roommate has reached his end

I asked the nurse to move me to the window where he once was

But as I painfully propped myself up

All I could see out the window was a brick wall

The nurse told me my roommate was blind

But he kept telling me those lies


And every season the cherry blossoms bloom??


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