Think Before You Speak

by Katherine, Age 13 , Easton Middle School, Easton, MD USA





I wish that nobody would have to feel this way.

That nobody would ever get jealous of others.

For when they do the claws come out,

Like those of a bear.

Coming back to scratch over and over again.

Doing things, they will regret.


Think before you speak


Bringing up things of the past,

For I had thought we moved on.

Walking on others like doormats

Acting as though we don’t have feelings.

Wanting only themselves to feel good.

Is that really making you feel better?

Ruining friendships left and right,

Then wondering if what they have done really was, right.


Think before you speak


Seeing their faces,

though they will not look.

Cowardly walking by,

regretting their choices

For I do believe in second chances,

But they have already used theirs.


Think before you speak

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