Bop Green

by Tim, Age 12 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: Mrs. stinson



We have so much of it, yet we are always losing it.

Each and every day more and more of it is gone.

It brings life to so many, but without it we are lost.

We won’t know how much we miss it until it’s all gone.

It covers the planet far and wide, but slowly dying each day.

It grows for years and years, but it takes minutes for us to cut it down.


I wish that others could respect you more.


Used for paper, furniture, and much more.

But can’t we just let it grow.

It has not done anything to deserve what we do to it.

It has been here longer than us it used to cover the whole planet,

but now it only covers a percent of the earth.

Shrinking just a little bit each day.

Once tall and mighty but now shriveled and dying.

Homes to so many, and now so little.


I wish that others could respect you more.


People try to protect you, and succeed but it doesn’t make a difference.

People try to use less of you, but it doesn’t help.

People just don’t care like the way other people do.

Why? Why would people treat you like this and not stop doing it?

I still will try to help you, even if there is barely any of you left.

Why can’t everyone come together to put a stop to this.


I wish that others could respect you more.

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