What You Don't Know

by Anna L., Age 12 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: Mrs. Stinson

What You Don’t Know

I am a euphoric young child.

I am a melody of peace.

I am the serene waves lapping the shore.

Though I may be smothered with grease.


I am the nerd,

I am the geek,

The one with all the knowledge.

But I hide the melancholy’s fail to flee.


The one thing you won’t comprehend,

Though you may hit the books for years,

Is what I stow away deep inside,

You don’t know my tears.


I hide my grief,

My sorrow and woe.

But there is one thing

That you will never know.


“What is that one thing”

You may ask.

It cannot be shown,

This unmovable mask.

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