a home

by Morgan M., Age 13 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: stinson

A Home


For a home,

Is not just house,

It is a place to love,

It is a place to be happy,

For a home is a place to call

Your own, for you cannot just buy

A home, you must think.


it must be a

Place of memories, a place to grow, and

A place to rejoice, a place you may relax and

Be free, some can just call anywhere “home” but

      This is not true. A home is a place you can have time

   For Gatherings Or you can just enjoy yourself and others.


for most say they Don’t need a home but, these people lie,

  but everyone lies? You need time to make a house a home there

 are hard times in the home but this will not define it the house is a home.


Memories make a house a home, a family makes a house a home, love makes

A house a home. Homes are for growing, home a to nourish and become true to

Yourself and true to the meaning of family.


This home is a home of aspiration, it is to show what you want to accomplice in life. This  home shows your emotions. Which in a way shows that you can control your emotions, which I completely agree with. Your surroundings apprize your mood, but nobody quite understands that.

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