wide awake.

by colleen f., Age 13 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton , MD USA
Teacher: mrs stinson

wide awake.


late at night,

yet i lay awake.

my mind wanders

as the moonlight creeps around my room.

I explore my own mind

full of beautiful yet terrible thoughts.


If only I could fall asleep.


even later at night.

im still wide awake.

they tell me to get some sleep

they tell me to go to bed

but they don’t understand,

it isn’t that easy

it will never be that easy

not for me.


if only I could fall asleep.


I hear the clock ticking,

time goes by.

its getting later and later

i still lay awake.

its almost impossible,

to simply shut my eyes.


If only I could fall asleep.



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