"My Forever Granny"

by Natalia H., Age 12 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton , MD USA
Teacher: Stinson

My granny who died because she was very sick.

The one who always told me not to shove food in my mouth

“take your time & in not to eat quick”

My granny died back in October 2015

She was so sad and didn’t have any freedom at all.

She went to the hospital down the hill from her for a couple of days/week.

My family just sat there dejected and just observed her pulling on the tubes that are attached to her body.

I watched her struggle to sit up and to move.

It was petrifying to see how depressed she was.

Before we brought her home she was scared to die but then a  couple days later she died in her sleep.

Everybody was sad but we should’ve been happy that she lived and had a wonderful life and that she lived it well.

                               I watched as they lowered the casket

Sealing her away from me and the family forever.

I wouldn’t cry out to her

                 She suffered enough, she didn’t need to know of my pain.




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