by Conner W., Age 13 , Grade 7, Easton Middle School, Easton , MD USA
Teacher: Mrs.Stinson

                    I hate to see people be dishonest

                    When they lie, cheat and steal

                    They set bad examples for others

                    They are not real

                    You can’t trust them

                    They are very bad people


                       I wish honesty existed in the world


                    It is important to be honest

                    Then you will get trust and respect

                    The people who are honest are good people

                    You will get what You will get what you want in life

                    You may get your dream job

                    You may get good grades in school

                    You will also succeed in other activities

                    It will make you better overall  


                      I wish honesty existed in the world


                    I feel being honest is important

                    This will show others that you are a good person

                    You will also show them that you can do the right thing

                    People will like you and they can trust you

                    You must use it in everything you do

         Always be honest  

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