by Alex O., Age 12 , Grade 7, Easton middle school, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: Stinson


You came to Earth and died for us

even though you knew the price you payed

you could have stayed and walk the streets of gold

you could be bowed down to, but you said no


you knew no pain, suffering, or ache

then one day you caused to Earth to shake

you did not come into this world grand

you were born almost like any man


you told your stories far and wide

you had never ever, ever lied

all your stories were oh so true

with many people bread you chew


then one day while you were out

they had taken you with no doubt

the majority had chosen you

you would go through much pain, this they knew


after you had enough they wanted more

at you they would yell and roar

they put nails through your hands and feet

even though you were already beat


then three days you would wait

the news of you spread more great

you then appeared where you were placed

the first person to see you couldn’t be braced

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