Where I'm From

by Jack H., Age 12 , Grade 7, Nipher Middle School, Kirkwood, MO USA
Teacher: Mrs. White

Where I’m From
I’m from smelling our sweet honeysuckle and pine needles in the yard,
from hours of Legos™ and paper airplanes.
I'm from biking to school and Hannekeys, 
From a broken leg and beating everyone at monopoly.
From Oval beach to Mount Baldy in Michigan
I'm from potatoes and chicken
From eating on the way to the bus to
Pool and Ping-Pong.
I am from Harry Potter 
to Percy Jackson,
I’m from where it rains like hail and snows like in Arizona.
I’m from reading to watching TV,
From playing soccer to lacrosse,
From Spanish Club in the second grade to
Going downtown
I am from watching my sister’s plays to crewing my own,
To blinding people in lights crew to being blinded while checking them
These are the things that I’m from.

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