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Outsider's Essay

by Te'Nia A., Age 13 , Grade 7, South East Junior High School, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller-Wilson

Would you believe that a greaser can be hero. The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton ,Ponyboy is a greaser but in the book he learns that it’s okay to be you and different from the group.He saves kids from a burning church ,he learns that his brother does love him and wants the best for him.Ponyboy lost 2 friends. Ponyboy is able to learn that it’s okay to be different and he chages to intelligent,brave,and loyal.

Ponyboy is intelligent. In the story Ponyboy was talking to Cherry .Ponyboy shows intelligent when he say this,’’Maybe the two different worlds we live are not so different.We watch the same sunset “ (40).People say that Greasers are dumb but Ponyboy shows intelligents there in that part of the story.Ponyboy is in class and he nd his teacher is talking about his grades Ponyboy shows intelligent when he says “ I do real good in school ,I have all A‘s and is in classes with Socs(15).People say greasers are dumb and can’t be someone in life.This shows that Ponyboy is intelligent.

Ponyboy is brave. In the story Johnny and Ponyboy were at the park when some Socs pulled up. Ponyboy shows that he brave when he says “You want to know what Socs are ? White trash with Mustangs and madras.”(55).Ponyboy actions in that situation in the story shows that he wasn’t afraid  to stick up for the himself or Johnny and that shows that he brave in his own way .Two-Bit ,Steve ,and Ponyboy are down at the gas station drinking some cokes when a three Socs pull up .Ponyboy shows he brave when he says this ‘’You get back into your car or your get split.I mean ,i have had up to here with you guys.”(171).Ponyboy’s action in that situation shows that he not just going to go with a flow and stick up for him and friend .This shows that Ponyboy is intelligent and brave.

Ponyboy is loyal.When in the story Johnny just killed Bob because him and his crew was drowning Ponyboy . Ponyboy shows loyalty when he says this  “We gotta get outa here.Get somewhere.Runaway.The police will be here soon.” (57).When Ponyboy says we ,it shows even he didn’t do it was still was going to go with Johnny if he didn’t kill Bob he still willing to help Johnny get out that situation and that shows loyally .Ponyboy and Two-Bit go to go see Johnny in the hospital and he shows loyalty when he say’s this,“You’ll be okay .You gotta be .We couldn’t  get along without you .”(121). Ponyboy actions show that even in Johnny kinda got himself in that situation , that he would still be there for him . All this together show that Ponyboy is intelligent,brave,and loyal.

All the examples prove that being intelligent,brave,and loyal is a good trait to have in life but Ponyboy learning it’s okay to intelligent and smarter than the other grease and learning to stick up for himself .Being loyal is a wonderful trait to have your friends knowing that you got there back is a awesome feeling like Ponyboy having Johnny back.What I’m trying to say is that being intelligent,brave,and loyal is some awesome character traits to have and Ponyboy having showing that he much different from the crowd .

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