by Kayla D., Age 17 , Grade 11, Republic High School, Republic, MO USA
Teacher: Megan Reaves

Kayla Donjuan

What's that saying?
"I feel like I'm on cloud nine."
No better way of saying it.
This place is my comfort zone.
I have my friends here,
I have my freedom here.
My mind is at ease.
Press pause.
Blow away the problems,
Like the petals on a white dandelion.
Take the weight off the shoulders.
It's a wonderful niche,
Warm with the sun's hugs.
South of the civilization,
I soar with my wings.
The wind gusts through the strands of my hair.
I inhale deeply,
Aromas of peace and pride.
Not modern,
Just classic.
I travel by foot,
But it feels comforting.
Big doesn't always mean tranquil.
So go ahead,
Build a wall.
Send me away,
Restrain me from unhappiness.
The latin heritage makes me drift steadily,
For I am a blithe creature who loves to glide.

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