Outsiders Essay

by Christian, Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior HIgh, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller Wilson

[Introduction]Do you ever think that stereotypes don't matter in the world.In the book The Outsiders by S.E HInton there are many stereotypes like greasers they are poor dumb stupid people but Ponyboy the main character isn't any he isn't dumb and hes nice unlike any other greasers he's the nicest one.

[Body Paragraph 1]Ponyboy has explained through the story can get emotionally sad,nice,and become generous and he shows this time and time again.  Near the end after johnny’s death Pony comes rushing home to tell the bad news ponyboy says.”Johnny..he’s dead.”(152).By ponyboy's best friend dying he must be emotional because he started the fire with a cigarette.Ponyboy sees Dally get shot and his brother tried to comfort him and soda says.“Easy buddy Easy... there's nothing we can do now”(154).By ponyboy seeing Dally death he must even be more depressed seeing both of his friends die and he feels responsible. Ponyboy wakes up and sees randy come to his house to talk to him and Ponyboy thinks.“Johnny's not dead . . . Johnnys not dead.”(154). This means that ponyboy is going to the five stages of grief and he is going through denial and believing he's not dead.This proves that in the falling action of the book that Ponyboy is scared and sad.

[Body Paragraph 2]Through the story The Outsiders Ponyboy shows that he is nice and he wouldnt hurt anything.In the begggining after meeting Cherry Socs pull up at the car and two bit gives him a cracked bottle.“I can't use this … I can't cut anyone.”(45)This means that Ponyboy isnt like other greasers he isnt willing to hurt someone.Ponyboy and Johnny sleep in the lot and ponyboy convinces Johnny not to ill himself after he said he wanted to kill himself.”Don't … you can't kill yourself Johnny.”(47)Ponyboy here is being nice and caring for Johnny because he doesn’t want him to die. In the beginning Socs jump POny and The Socs frighten him with a knife the Socs say“How’d you like that haircut to begin below the chin.”(5) Ponyboy here is scared and he can't fight back because of his personality because he’s too nice to fight another person. With all this evidence you can't deny that Pony boy is a nice kid he can't hurt because of his personalty/who he is.

[Body Paragraph 3]In The story The Outsiders Ponyboy is a nice and generous kid who loves his friends but his brothers that's different because they are family but he doesn’t like his brother Darry and here's why.When Ponyboy meets Cherry she urges him to tell him about Darry and he only says mean things about him.“He’s not like Sodapop and he ain't like me. He's hard as a rockabout as human.And his eyes are frozen like ice.”(42)This says that Ponyboy doesn’t see much in darry but only someone that want’s him to get something done and as someone that doesn't care about him. But The reason Ponyboy say’s that is because Darry acts tough around him and pushes him to do things and keeps on criticizing him like when he comes back from sleeping at the lot.“Where the heck have you been do you know what time it is.”(48)This explains the reason why Ponyboy talks about Darry like that and thinks about him that way because of the way he treats him.But even when everything is all right there is still the future to worry about so they still fight like when they talk about school work and jobs.“What's the sweat about school work i'll have to get a job as soon as i get out look at soda he's doing okay and he dropped and lay off.”(173)This proves the relationship between the two is very difficult to maintain with all their arguments going around and the fighting which means that ponyboy has a lot of unresolved issues.With all this evidence this means that we can take a look in to Darry traits which means that he cares a lot of ponyboy he wants him to be successful better than he ever was.

[Conclusion]With all of this evidence we can tell that through Ponyboy’s being scared and him being generous and a good friend and through even looking at his family that Ponyboy is very complex and fits out of the stereotypes that people talk about Greaser.This example means that everyone's different even though what people say about them aren't true and that you should look at people from what people say about them but from what they are.


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