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The outsiders Essay

by Raven, Age 13 , Grade 7, South East Junior HIgh, Iowa city, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.K-W

Can you imagine running into a burning building to save children you've never met? The outsiders by S.E. Hinton In this book a 14 year old kid “Ponyboy” is mugged then his best friend kills someone and then they run away and end up saving some kids and then his friend dies and then his other friend commits suicide. Ponyboy is Brave, a deep thinker, and school smart.  

Body Paragraph 1 One of Ponyboys most important traits is that he’s brave. When Ponyboy and Johnny run into the burning house to save the children they are being very brave . “ “I’ll get them don't worry.” I started at a dead run for the church” (91). This shows that Ponyboy and Johnny are brave because most people wouldn't have run into a burning building to save some kids they didn't know unless they were fire men. Another time Ponyboy shows he's brave is when he wakes up from a nightmare and pretends that it wasn’t that bad so that Darry and Soda and everyone else aren't too worried. This shows Pony is brave because most people would have talked to their friends or family so they could comfort them even if it might stress out everyone else but Pony decides to take one for the team. All together, this proves that Ponyboy is a brave person.  

Another one of Ponyboys important traits is that he’s school smart. When Pony gets jumped and Darry says he never thinks except when he’s in school. “You must think in school with all those good grades you bring home,” (13). He gets really good grades and has been accelerated at least one grade which most of the time means you are really smart. Another thing that proves that Pony is school smart is when he is talking about how he has a good grades. “I make good grades and have a high IQ and

Everything” (4). This proves that he’s smart because he says he has a high IQ and gets good grades and usually if you have a high IQ and have good grades you're pretty smart at things that have to do with school. All together, this proves that Ponyboy is very school smart.

Finally the last of Ponyboys important traits is that he’s a deep thinker. One thing that proves this is that Pony and Cherry are having a deep conversation about society even though Cherry is like 4 years older than him. “”You read a lot pony?”Yeah why?” She kind of shrugged. “I could just tell.” (40). She says she can tell that he reads a lot which implies that he's a deep thinker. Another thing that proves it is when He's talking about how he's supposed to be the deep thinker not jhonny. “I was supposed to be the deep one.” (65). Most of the time people don't say they are deep thinkers unless they are actually deep thinkers. All together, this proves that Ponyboy is very deep thinker.

Together all this proves That Pony is brave, school smart, and a deep thinker. Ponyboys example proves you don't have to be rich or famous to be a hero.

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